For Garmt | The Hot Pepper Challenge for ALS

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 6, 2017
  • Please join me in taking the Hot Pepper Challenge to raise funds and awareness for ALS research. Eat a hot pepper, nominate 3 of your friends, and donate whatever you can at the link below:*NOTE: EAT HOT PEPPERS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Please be over 18.Here's why I'm starting this challenge. Garmt van Soest was an early fan of Binging with Babish. He reached out when I only had a few thousand subscribers, offering me encouragement, ideas, and inspiring words. He even gave me the idea for the Big Kahuna Burger episode from Pulp Fiction. Garmt was also suffering from the later stages of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS - he wrote a blog where he detailed his experience, peppered with a humor, positivity, and bravery. He started fundraisers, spoke at events, and continually inspired and enlivened everyone around him, including myself.Garmt died on Monday, October 23rd. He messaged me on Friday to say goodbye - I openly wept in the airport TGI Friday's, asked him if there was anything I could do, if I could come visit before he left us - he wanted to spend his last few days with his loving family. He only wanted to tell me "thank you one last time for the joy of cooking you shared with me and the world...and I'm pissed that I got no credit in your book! :D". Even at the end, he could crack a joke. Garmt inspired and continues to inspire people all over the globe, and after watching him take the ice bucket challenge back in 2014 ( , he's inspired me to take that campaign in a different direction - the hot pepper challenge. The concept is the same - nominate your friends and family to endure, instead of a bucket of ice water, a pepper as hot as they can handle - the hotter the pepper, the less money they're required to donate. No matter what, each nominee must nominate 3 others to take the challenge. I hope that this will help raise funds and awareness for the ALS Association, a great organization doing important work researching the disease. Moreover, I hope that I can play a small part in helping to spread Garmt's message of strength and hope. Please share!Challenge Guidelines:Anaheim Pepper: $20 minimum donationJalapeno Pepper: $10 minimum donationHabanero Pepper: $5 minimum donationAnything Spicer: $0 minimum donation+ Nominate 3 friends


  • Zach Digital  1 years ago

    no joke from me here, i'm sorry Andrew :/ he sounded more like a family member over a friend. hell of a way to commemorate him though.

  • RainYminusY  1 years ago

    ??? ??????? Wtf

  • Fuckyoi  1 years ago

    Gloomy HD show bob and vagine yes

  • Binging with Babish thank you so much for helping spread awareness about ALS research! If anyone wants to learn more about the ALS Therapy Development Institute and the research we are doing to #EndALS you can learn more here -->

  • Peter Jakobsen  9 months ago

    ALS Therapy Development Institute i know this isnt really important, but if you could i would be happy to get an answer, did babby start the challenge or did the haberstroh family, this video was uploaded before the haberstrohs was, but it says everywhere that they startet it.

  • Landen Keller  1 years ago

    “This isn’t bad. Are we really good at spicy foods?”30 seconds later**kicks desk* “Goodbye”

  • Dylan Goldstein  4 months ago

    that's why they call it the ghost pepper!

  • Justin Y.  1 years ago

    Even if you think the concept itself is flawed the idea behind it is genuine. Hopefully other channels do this challenge to help spread awareness about ALS.

  • This Is Merica  5 months ago

    I. See. You. EVERYWHERE

  • A.Kindelan  1 years ago

    “This what the people wanna see, this is what the people wanna see”“Oh it deceived me!” Favorite quotes from this video 😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🌶🔥

  • Ollie Hernandez  1 years ago

    "If you could just hold your breath forever, you beautiful thing." "Goodbye!" 😂😂😂

  • CRAZY ZONE  1 years ago

    Corazón de piedra

  • Ruby Dynamite  1 years ago

    I'm sorry for your loss, buddy.Your roommate is super cool, though! :D

  • hi !  1 years ago

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  • Tom The One  1 years ago

    Mission India Fit shut up

  • Ti R.  1 years ago

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  • Daniel Truong  1 years ago

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  • Luki Buki  1 years ago

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  • Cupcake Satan  1 years ago

    It's kind of funny, my husband munches on habaneros as a snack. (He usually steals them when I'm cooking.) I bought him california reaper sauce and I swear he douses everything in it. He's had a whole ghost pepper before and all that happened is he got the hiccups. I'm not quite sure he's human.

  • Maria Leonard  22 days ago

    honestly, there's a restaurant that has ghost pepper jelly and I always ask for it with my fries. absolutely delicious. stings a bit, but doesn't really bother me

  • Altherix  3 months ago

    I'm actually the same, I was scared of Ghost Peppers for years, habaneros were my limit or so I thought. Finally decided to try some Ghost Peppers, they are spicy but not on the floor rolling in pain spicy for me. So I got some Carolina Reapers, they're good and spicy but again not rolling on the floor I'm going to die spicy for me. I'm growing some this year along with Ghost Peppers and Habaneros to make a trifecta chili powder and hot sauces. I always tell people that everyone reacts differently ...

  • SteppinOnLegoz  1 years ago

    You said you weren’t cooking but I could swear there’s someone chopping onions in here ...Sorry for your loss man 💙 stay strong .

  • RealityCheckout  1 years ago

    My mother passed away from ALS.. It's a horrible disease and if you can stay positive through it you are an amazing person. Look into Joan Dancy and PALS for an incredible charity to donate to. They were simply incredible with all the things they did to help my family.

  • DuBbZ RaRE308  3 months ago

    Im so sorry for your lose.

  • Bobbie Richards  7 months ago

    RealityCheckout my condolences