We FINALLY Got The Scrooge McTank Challenge - Shellshock Live Showdown | JeromeACE

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 12, 2019
  • Today we play Shellshock Live

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  • gavin g.
    gavin g.  2 months ago

    whatever happened to adam?

  • CoiL Wings
    CoiL Wings  2 months ago

    You annoying and funny lookin

  • sajad amjad
    sajad amjad  2 months ago

    can u do a vid where u spend the gears?

  • Tigerangus12
    Tigerangus12  2 months ago

    Not even close in level, again.

  • Jacob Commisso
    Jacob Commisso  2 months ago

    Good gob Jerome on getting scrooge my gears

  • Aman Roy
    Aman Roy  2 months ago +1

    You always play with such low level players it becomes boring, We know youll win no matter what and every episode becomes repetitive

  • Geo_The_ Savage
    Geo_The_ Savage  2 months ago

    4:02 steve says 1 out of 8 when a hexagon has 6 not 8

  • Brady Anacker
    Brady Anacker  2 months ago

    Steve you need to math better. You said only 1 out of 8 from a HEXagon. A HEXagon has SIX sides not EIGHT.

  • Kyu lightning
    Kyu lightning  2 months ago

    Was it all worth it Jerome?


  • Matthew Krainik
    Matthew Krainik  2 months ago +3


    Jerome: Plays a minimum of 800 wager gear games

  • Dom P
    Dom P  2 months ago

    Omggg tewity is soooooo annoying.

  • Logan Aloof
    Logan Aloof  2 months ago

    Time for non stop assassins mode😂❤️

  • Logan Aloof
    Logan Aloof  2 months ago

    Time for non stop assassins mode😂❤️

  • Connor Beltran
    Connor Beltran  2 months ago +1

    Viewers:did you do you do it
    Viewers:what did it cost
    Jerome:three years of my sanity
    Viewers:why did you do it

  • Seth Ironwing
    Seth Ironwing  2 months ago

    Earthquake for life dudes!!!

  • Long Family
    Long Family  2 months ago


  • Trevor Lewis
    Trevor Lewis  2 months ago +1

    Jerome do 100 hp for assassin mode

  • Levi Dawson
    Levi Dawson  2 months ago

    Scrooge mctank is o.p

  • Jacob Laroe
    Jacob Laroe  2 months ago

    gg jerome get this video to a lot of likes guys

  • jake connelly
    jake connelly  2 months ago

    Not gonna lie I look forward to these videos every day