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  • Published on:  Monday, May 16, 2016
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  • AlexB2G
    AlexB2G  3 years ago +18706

    These guys should get a world record for breaking the most world records in one video.

  • Владислав К.
    Владислав К.  28 days ago +790

    Guinness manager: which record you want to beat?
    Dude perfect: yes!

  • Vibhore Jain
    Vibhore Jain  3 days ago +15

    Put them in basketball national team, they can do basket from any position, game over. ;)

    DEATH HEAVEN  7 days ago +241

    who’s better at shooting
    like:dude perfect
    comment:stephen curry

  • Raja RFT
    Raja RFT  14 days ago +304

    Who is here in August
    Leave a like👍👍

  • Div
    Div  3 years ago +2797

    I have just one question, where does this guy keep pulling the certificates from?!

  • Art
    Art  1 months ago +282

    Poor Michael

  • Dillon Lazer
    Dillon Lazer  2 days ago +8

    ..thank you michael

  • Manju Sharma
    Manju Sharma  3 days ago +7

    That sitting basketball shot was unbelievable. 😮😮 Cody is ✨

  • Kayla Nguyen
    Kayla Nguyen  21 days ago +187

    Dude Perfect: Can throw balls at least 60 ft away from the hoop
    Me: Can't make a shot from 3 ft

  • Stefan Charon
    Stefan Charon  3 years ago +3031

    That Guinness guy was sure having fun.

  • Killshot SRB
    Killshot SRB  5 days ago +6

    06:52 I thought that he was gonna jump off that building because of euforia 😋😋😋

  • Oteph 808
    Oteph 808  4 days ago +4

    First world record shot
    Me: Now that’s what I call using your head

  • Trong Dai
    Trong Dai  21 days ago +206

    The Guinness guy BROKE the world's most records giving in one day lol

  • scott williams
    scott williams  yesterday +1

    i beat that hook shot record years ago when i was a kid in school no joke lol

  • Josh Hyman
    Josh Hyman  3 years ago +6308

    World record for most world records broken in a day?

  • Giriraj Wala
    Giriraj Wala  14 days ago +64

    If you read my comment amongst the other 77k comments......GREAT!

  • Hi There
    Hi There  7 days ago +26

    Dude Perfect: Make a basketball shot from 70 feet.
    Me: Can’t make a 3 pointer

  • Faizan Ali Abdulali
    Faizan Ali Abdulali  3 days ago +3

    How come despacito has 6 billion views but this has 99 mil.
    Is there no hope left for humanity?

  • Aaron Buckrell
    Aaron Buckrell  21 days ago +38

    This is just insane.. am I the only one having trouble believing this??