Hot Ones' Sean Evans Reviews The Internet's Most Popular Food Videos | Bon Appétit

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  • Published on:  Friday, June 29, 2018
  • In this episode of 'Food Film School', First We Feast Hot Ones host Sean Evans reviews the most popular food videos on the internet including Gordon Ramsay's perfect burger tutorial, the 'World's Hottest Hot Sauce Challenge', the biggest wings video on YouTube, the First We Feast Hot Ones featuring Kevin Hart, the biggest fried chicken video on Instagram, and Tasty's 'Kimchi Queso' recipe on Facebook.

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    Hot Ones' Sean Evans Reviews The Internet's Most Popular Food Videos | Bon Appétit


  • Lindsay Daly  (Jun 29, 2018))

    *"It's 2018, all these kids are hopped up on Tide Pods and Adderall"* I mean....true

  • Wilfred Fletcher  (Jan 12, 2019))

    +Kim's Dragons & Fairy Tales some people say its pharmaceuticals equal to meth. Some people such as myself are prescribed it because we have ADD or ADHD because of our lack of attention span.

  • fbspin  (Jun 29, 2018))

    Sean got thicc since kevin hart. And i’m living for it

  • Katie P.  (Feb 7, 2019))

    He's not even heavy wtf

  • my spaget  (Jan 30, 2019))

    Your dream came true

  • DeadlyEsquire  (Jun 29, 2018))

    I think Sean Evans is really improving as a comedic actor. I didn't love the first few episodes of Hot Ones but he's gotten really good and I've found him super funny in other stuff lately. Good work Sean!

  • it's adam  (Sep 13, 2018))

    DeadlyEsquire y

  • dave walker  (Jan 26, 2019))

    6 months later, gordon ramsay is on hot ones

  • Lodogg 3323  (Feb 6, 2019))

    Everyone wins

  • Rocknalldatime99  (Jun 29, 2018))

    Pretty sure he's being sarcastic my dudes

  • noobslayer135  (Jun 29, 2018))


  • Mexican Bilbo Baggins  (Feb 1, 2019))

    You got you’re wish

  • xNade God  (Jan 31, 2019))

    It happened

  • Bringo Fett  (Jun 29, 2018))

    Kevin Hart isn't funny...

  • Lodogg 3323  (Feb 6, 2019))

    His box office tally begs to differ.

  • Kenneth Prince  (Jan 30, 2019))

    I find him hilarious

  • BillyPilgrim  (Jun 30, 2018))

    "Gordon Ramsey just casually walks out to his palatial backyard calabaza's estate out by the pool and then he just pops out some burgers over and then he just dunks our every video we've ever made" - this is almost Shakespearian

  • victoria b  (Jun 30, 2018))

    I guess I misread the tone in that case. I just thought he was genuinely annoyed with how most of these low effort videos were getting more views than his

  • BillyPilgrim  (Jun 30, 2018))

    That's classic Sean Evans humour

  • Halpert Erik  (Jun 29, 2018))

    Don't stop the hand gestures Sean. It is a must in the media industry.

  • ziljin  (Jun 29, 2018))

    Sean is the most popular food video on the internet!