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  • Published on:  Wednesday, January 8, 2020
  • Lele Pons makes toxic, raunchy videos for kids.
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    Lele Pons has been heavily promoted by social media platforms to young viewers, perhaps more than any other Youtube creator. She has accumulated a massive following between the ages 9-18, particularly among preteen girls. Lele's videos are sloppy, noisy, and heavy on slapstick; the production style quickly fatigues adult viewers, who may be quick to write it off as "for kids".
    However, in nearly every single video she uploads, Lele steps over the lines of what society deems appropriate for child viewers. Like her fellow Viner Jake Paul, Lele Pons weaves in advertising that is aimed at children, little of which complies with the long-standing industry or government regulations for child advertising. And despite Lele's participation body-positivity content and her encouragement to viewers to "be yourself", Lele doesn't hold herself to that same standard.
    A ThotPatrol investigation reveals heavy edits to her body by the reshape and liquify tools found in Facetune and Photoshop. Busted! Lele's sexy pics are FAKE!

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    1:45 *"Sweat" - JUNES
    6:39 "The Lives of Flies" - Rusty Cage
    "Maelstrom overhead" - Scrimshaw Carver
    21:38 "Facility 119" - Scrimshaw Carver
    "Hip Hop Flute" - Jef Kearns
    "Yep" - PopUp!"
    "All Deth is U2" - FireToolz
    "Seriously In Love" - PopUp!"
    47:22 "Crush" - Niveum |
    "Inititate Warp Speed" - Exabyte
    47:13 "Static" Exabyte
    46:59 "Maybe" - Niveum
    49:10 "Muper Setroid" - maggie.wav
    49:50 "Paradise City" - PopUp!

    *first heard "Sweat" in Happy World Daddy - shout out to editors @bicflame | @small_follower

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