20 People you won't believe exist 😱

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 22, 2018
  • These people are so incredible that you will not believe they really exist.-Sampson BernsSampson was a brave teenager who suffered from progeria, a disease that accelerates his aging. -Daniel SaenzDaniel is a baseball boy like any other, except that he completely sheds the skin of his face every day because he suffers from Netherton syndrome, a disease also known as butterfly skin, due to its extreme delicacy. -Valeria LukyanovaWe have all heard about the most famous doll in the world and the biotype of a woman that we all dreamed of years ago, well, this Ukrainian model is everything you’d expect when you think about a Barbie. -Deepak JangraThis young man is the closest thing to a superhero.-Abby and Brittany HenselAnd in this place we find two people and not necessarily because it is a tie, rather because they are inseparable.-Cara Anaya-Paul karasonThe peculiarity of this American is the blue color of his skin, a feature that has made many call him "Papa Smurf".-Abul BajandarThis man became known as “the tree man” because of the multiple bark-shaped warts that sprout on different parts of his body. -Chen TuanzhiThis young Chinese woman was born with a strange condition: she has her knees backwards, which prevents her from walking, this is why she became known as “The girl with inverted legs”. -Jesus FajardoThis Mexican man surprised the whole world by his excess of hair and this was the reason why he was nicknamed by news channels as "the werewolf”.-Tom StanifordThe British cyclist Tom Staniford attracted the people’s attention when he became known for his strange condition which doesn’t allow him to accumulate any body fat. -Rhett LambWhen babies are born, they usually spend most of the day sleeping. -Ashleigh MorrisIn 2008, the case of an Australian girl who was allergic to water was known and it’s not a joke.-Arun RaikwarIf you ever saw the X-men, the group of mutants where their main enemy was a villain capable of attracting metals…well, this Indian man is the closest thing to this. -Kim Goodman-Jyoti Amge-Garry Turner-Mandy Sellars-Lizzie Velásquez-Sultan KosenStarting this top, we find someone tall, and it’s not a joke since he has been recognized as the tallest man in the world who still remains alive according to the Guinness World Records.---------------------------------------------------------------------------About Us:Trend Max is an education and entertainment channel dedicated to creating interesting Tops, Lists and more. Do not miss a single video SUBSCRIBE NOW.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow Us:Facebook : https://goo.gl/cfALteGoogle+ : https://goo.gl/5yNJ3rTwitter : https://goo.gl/c8jgEBInstagram : https://goo.gl/QP5sP7


  • The Travel Bug
    The Travel Bug  3 months ago +7277

    how lucky we are.....give a thumbs up if you feel right😢

  • lővëly gak
    lővëly gak  14 days ago +964

    This video make me respect my body and thanks god for this healthy organs

  • gdyong8 지디영8
    gdyong8 지디영8  yesterday +15

    8:50. i would not be able to live like that. respect them so much. 👏🏻💙🙏🏻

  • Siti Hazlin
    Siti Hazlin  7 days ago +357

    Praise to these people who, despite of their conditions, still have higher confidence level than me.

  • Venom
    Venom  7 days ago +281

    I feel bad for these people
    They always get bullied for not being normal but...
    haven’t our teachers taught us that everyone is unique in their own way
    We should learn from them

  • Duaa muhammad
    Duaa muhammad  5 months ago +6606

    I feel bad for Lizzie cause she got bullied
    1 like=a bully gone for lizzie

  • Hiroko Yamagata
    Hiroko Yamagata  14 days ago +337

    The stretchy skin definitely got me. Who else?————>

  • Boshra Tanamly
    Boshra Tanamly  2 days ago +3

    quick remark
    not everyone with Ehlers-Danlos has THAT stretchy of skin.

  • Emma's Island
    Emma's Island  14 days ago +279

    2:51 She is so small,cute,and BEAUTIFUL!
    Edit: Wow! 224 in a week! I love ya guys 🥰🥰🥰

  • Mrflimflam He is coming
    Mrflimflam He is coming  14 days ago +265

    Totally dis Barbie girl didn’t do plastic surgery on her face

  • fir3 slayer
    fir3 slayer  1 months ago +12395

    If u think everyone should be treated the same
    Make this blue

  • Maria Cel Pamine
    Maria Cel Pamine  yesterday +2

    Im allergic to YouTube but, still watchinggg

  • The pipe Nut Barre
    The pipe Nut Barre  yesterday +2

    You look amazing I'm sorry for what you guys have but that doesn't stop you of how beautiful and fun you can have

  • luis carreno
    luis carreno  14 days ago +422

    OMG i stop bullying like if u agreed

  • Nyankitty08 -
    Nyankitty08 -  14 days ago +183

    YouTubers: Being handcuffed to someone for 24 hours!
    Hensel twins: Let us stop you right there

  • Cute Dahyun
    Cute Dahyun  1 months ago +2234

    These people deserve to live longer
    If ur one of that people pls pray always
    one like one pray for those people living like that=

  • Haricharan Deep Singh
    Haricharan Deep Singh  7 days ago +51

    People will be thankful for few minutes and then they will get back to whatever they were.....

  • Stitchandpotatos YT
    Stitchandpotatos YT  6 days ago +75

    Lizzie is so pretty and her eye is really cool looking

  • tango robotics
    tango robotics  yesterday +1

    Now to ask that papa Smurf what he took so I don't have to explain why 2 of my ocs have Gray skin instead of white skin

  • marlena bokala
    marlena bokala  7 days ago +50

    This video made to realize how blessed I am. Thank you God. ❤❤❤