Singapore Prime Minister: I feel very sorry for the situation which Hong Kong is in

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  • Published on:  Monday, October 7, 2019
  • Speaking to CNN's Fareed Zakaria, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Hong Kong is "part of China and this is a big psychological change which is not easy for the population to get used to."
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  • Dr. Gregory Haus
    Dr. Gregory Haus  an hour ago

    If Chinese government wants to spy on me taking a shit and wiping my ass, they're welcome

  • Deep State
    Deep State  2 hours ago

    Singapore has us military base. China never dare to offend Singapore as long us military base is still there.

  • Ken Young
    Ken Young  4 hours ago +1

    He forgets to mention that the Chinese market is a closed shop for most foreign countries.

  • gatocles99
    gatocles99  5 hours ago +2

    A coward who won't stand against evil because he directly benefits from that evil. But don't worry... The Communists will come for you soon enough... sitting on the fence won't save you from getting your organs harvested. And remember, they have a shortage of women... where do you think they will be getting them from? :)

    It is not about choosing between America and China, it is about choosing between Liberty and Totalitarianism/Communism.

  • dreamood
    dreamood  5 hours ago +1

    All.5 demands are under British sino declaration and basic law which Chinese government had promised, and now they breaking the promise. And for deemed protestors as innocent was something the government had done to corrupted police before in order to let the society moving forward

  • Naufal Basit
    Naufal Basit  7 hours ago


  • free hk
    free hk  7 hours ago +1

    You're right. Just let Singapore be a part of China.

  • BDParadigm
    BDParadigm  7 hours ago

    Most countries until now are very careful what they say about China, because the CCP is easily offended, and will use trade and tourism as a weapon against any critics. Everyone is walking around on tip toes.

  • Ya Boi Diglett
    Ya Boi Diglett  9 hours ago +1

    Well reddit is on Hong Kong's side

  • Lim Edmund
    Lim Edmund  11 hours ago

    My sure you dnt cry again orr.

  • Lim Edmund
    Lim Edmund  11 hours ago

    Ya talk as much as you want now.we singaporean waiting .I'm pure singaporean .when the election ha

  • jinxiao7
    jinxiao7  11 hours ago

    Good example of what journalism should be.

  • ImDeExpert
    ImDeExpert  14 hours ago

    Fuck you

  • Lab Yebmor
    Lab Yebmor  15 hours ago +1

    Hong Kong will never be part of communism.

  • Luke Liem
    Luke Liem  15 hours ago

    A worthy son to a legend - Singapore's first Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

  • Tigerwood Swiss Trade
    Tigerwood Swiss Trade  17 hours ago +1

    I hope this will not happen in Singapore 🇸🇬

  • Lingzhe Peng
    Lingzhe Peng  18 hours ago

    Very strong and wise leader!

  • ShadoStorm
    ShadoStorm  19 hours ago

    CNN could have asked better questions with our intelligent Prime Minister. :) Everyone already knows Singapore is always a neutral partner and only interested in peace and economy. Lee Hsien Loong is a great example of a diplomatic leader today.

  • 黄梓聪
    黄梓聪  19 hours ago

    I enjoy listening to him.

  • 晨晨
    晨晨  22 hours ago +3

    better than his father 's action words sounds into ears