fedex delivery

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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
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  • skybolt775
    skybolt775  13 hours ago

    Literally me rn

  • Soundwave Spark
    Soundwave Spark  7 days ago

    This happened with my pizza once. It was Dominos. We didn’t have dinner until 11pm that night

  • jlan
    jlan  7 days ago

    King deliveryman sends his regards

  • Naief Alromi
    Naief Alromi  14 days ago

    God i hate buying merch

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith  21 days ago

    If ProZD had his own delivery company, it'd be called ZeDEx.

    Kill me

    DIABOLIC ANGEL  21 days ago

    Random story, but the delivery lady that worked for DoorDash couldn't even find my apartment lol. Mind that it is the only tallest building on the street that looks like an apartment, surrounded by stores. The main reason why I paid for a delivery was because I didn't want to go out, but in the end I met up with her at the corner of my street after she gave a call. DoorDash has the option to see where the delivery person is on the GPS, and I was watching/refreshing every second- Didn't even come near my place, lol. She kept lingering around the corner we met at. I've had UPS go behind the apartment building in the parking lot and claim that they couldn't find me. But DoorDash, yeesh...

  • Jojo W.
    Jojo W.  21 days ago

    who hurt you

  • bignate2814
    bignate2814  1 months ago

    FedEx also opens packages. There was a guy at a drop-off with a FedEx van and he was opening packages. Also I bought a console from eBay and the package was basically held together by tape. I doubt the shipper did that

  • Drew Rycerz
    Drew Rycerz  1 months ago +1


  • starflame34
    starflame34  1 months ago

    I expect this shit from "FedEx", but "fedex" does this too!?

  • Saphira1001fanfic
    Saphira1001fanfic  1 months ago

    I was supposed to get a package on the day we were having a party, there were about ten people out in the front yard all day and FedEx said they tried to deliver the package but noone was home....

  • Thomas John
    Thomas John  1 months ago

    I have a camera system that records my front door and mailbox 24/7 with all the footage being uploaded to my home server, and i once sent 24 hours of footage because the morons at FedEx said they attempted a delivery that never came. Their response? "We must've driven down a different road"... i live in a culdesac

  • Aaron Farrier
    Aaron Farrier  1 months ago

    SO TRUE.

  • tnerb tnerb
    tnerb tnerb  1 months ago +2

    "You phone, who dis?" Indeed.

  • R Y
    R Y  1 months ago

    usps is even worse

  • Viktor eXe
    Viktor eXe  1 months ago

    I though Fedex in Mexico was like this because of Mexico. I see now they do this kind of crap internationally.

  • Rork, The Game Master

    The only time FedEx has ever gotten a package to my house safely and effectively was when we got sent two shirts we never ordered. They were like kids small (meaning it didn’t fit anyone in our house so we had no reason to order it) and when we contacted the company they told us they had no return policy, we never got charged for the shirts or anything so we just ended up giving them to good will.

  • Erbee
    Erbee  1 months ago +1

    Can’t say I relate every package I’ve ever ordered on amazon has always arrived on time and usually earlier than expected lol through UPS or anyone

  • Logan Palmer
    Logan Palmer  1 months ago +21

    knocks on door

    "Great, my package must be here!"

    opens door

    "King Dragon sends his regards."

  • EskChan19
    EskChan19  1 months ago

    That's pretty much how it usually goes yes.