Mary J. Blige Tried to WARN Us About AALIYAH

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  • Published on:  Sunday, January 6, 2019
  • Share Your thoughts below....#survivingrkellyIn no way did I state the rumor that is circulating around the internet about Aaliyah's mother allegedly sleeping with her daughter and R.Kelly is fact. I wasn't there, and am confused as everyone else. .....EVERYTHING IS ALLEGED!!!!!!!!!!All Rumors in this video are alleged, and public knowledge across the internet.


  • Queen Shadey  5 months ago

    I think Aaliyah was Beyoncé’s sacrifice. Here’s my theory (hear me out:)Aaliyah was getting extremely big throughout the music and acting industries. Aaliyah was in Romeo must die and queen of the damned, which she made 12 million off of alone. She was also going to be in the matrix and the matrix remake, sparkle, and HONEY. In 2001, Aaliyah died. In 2003, crazy in love was released by beyonce. After Aaliyah died Beyoncé got even more famous, fast, and became a solo artist and eventually became the me...

  • Kenji Stanback  1 months ago

    I believe you, I know there always more to it and sometimes shit isn't what it seems 😕

  • La Jo  1 months ago

    Actually Ashanti's career boomed after Aaliyah's death

  • Demetry Blair  5 months ago

    As a survivor of sexual abuse myself just because I was abuse does not mean that I am not allowed to still live my life and have fun

  • Bunny Girl 43  3 months ago

    Right they wont let to her rip or move on before she died

  • Francine Kelly  4 months ago

    She's dancing to hide the pain. I was a victim. I don't show my hurt to the world instead I'd dance away the emotional pain myself. And thank you for breaking the silence. People don't understand unless they've been there, and it's not easy to discuss either because yes, it can make one feel awkward, misused, alone, introverted, embarrassed, not trusting anyone anymore. A man approachd me on college campus he stalked me watched me stepped to me said he was a preacher. So I guess that means you can trus...

  • Tre Williams  4 months ago

    If Aaliyah was still alive there would be no Beyonce period.

  • whooptee whoo  5 months ago

    Just to be clear... Just because a person is abused, doesn't mean they have to walk around like acting like a victim.

  • @Britt Mfk'n Starr who made you the credential checker? Lol i dont remember anyone volunteering what they do for a living /hobby/for passion 😆.... But ok

  • @whooptee whoo hun you dont get it, in her position she COULD get her last name along with her children CHANGED for FREE its not victim shaming to name straight facts. This woman is also a gatekeeper to the alleged abuser. You cant tell us in all those years you didn't know about all the other women downstairs in their roomsYou cant tell us keeping a name & constantly contradicting herself & doing the docuseries for money doesn't look bad bc bayyybeeee it does...Everyone who says they're a ...

  • Guy Mitchell  5 months ago

    That's why Lauren hill fell back. The music industry is evil. Point blank!

  • Ann SAU  1 months ago

    She was harassed her whole life and stripped of everything, lot of legal battle

  • Andre macklin  1 months ago

    The entire entertainment industry is satanic. We're bombarded with the imagery on a daily basis so much that the majority of the public doesn't even notice.

  • Charese Knight  4 months ago

    Rest in Peace Aaliyah. Gone but not forgotten. #heavenislucky 🙏🕊️🙏🕊️

  • Kiana Dyson  5 months ago

    Spiritual murder sounds like a sacrifice let's be real.

  • dolisha ferrell  4 months ago

    +enohp660 - there are plenty of people in america that do drugs in trust in believe their brain is more sane then a mothafucka thats a brain surgeon💯👏

  • enohp660  4 months ago

    You are aware that Mary drank and snorted tons of cocaine, right? And this is who you’re listening to on this topic?

  • Angela Hamlett  5 months ago

    She earned that name!!! Bills gotta be paid! She rocked that twerk tho! lol..

  • Chris Asher  4 months ago

    She sure did. Gotta give her props on that

  • Starr Lumpkin  4 months ago

    That bitch bad.. I see why Kells married her ass now😂😂

  • LordGosun Gaming  5 months ago

    Funny how they say she "was Killed in a Plane crash" vs. Saying she died in a Plane Crash......Message!!!!!

  • Lakia Young  4 months ago

    No girl not the same context

  • Ariana Gomez  4 months ago

    LordGosun Gaming Yeah. Because she didn’t suicide. It was the pilot’s fault so yeah practically she was killed. You “die” from overdose,from a disease, from age,but you are “killed” in a war, in a car Crash,in a Plane crash...

  • It's Tabaitha  5 months ago

    I think Mary was talking about the Illuminati 👀. I also remember exactly where I was when I found out she passed away and it didn’t feel right to me either. There were a lot of eerie feelings around her death.

  • kira shoats  4 months ago

    Shamel Harrison I think people knew they just didn’t understand it. But Tupac talked about it all the time

  • Shamel Harrison  4 months ago

    Yes I was in the 4th grade when she died and I didn't understand it... I couldn't and didn't wanna believe she was dead.. It didn't seem right as if someone killed her... And back then a lot of fans didn't know about the illuminati