Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Dodge Hellcat Part 6

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  • Published on:  Saturday, September 1, 2018
  • Who want to rebuild a wrecked car? Follow along and see what it takes! This wrecked 2017 Dodge Hellcat has come alive! A lot of new and exciting parts have arrived and it is time to install! There is much more to come for this rebuild, follow along and stay tuned!!!-GOONZQUAD T-Shirts: A Patron: : IKSON-HARMONY (18:20-19:57)


  • Giovanny Torres
    Giovanny Torres  11 months ago +222

    This channel never disappoints me

  • VGAPR Garage
    VGAPR Garage  11 months ago +174

    The oem hood air vents look way better than that mesh.

  • Darkside C7
    Darkside C7  11 months ago +60

    I swear in the corvette video you guys didn't plug in one of the wires. Top left of the wheel. I've taken my wheel off before and I was watching closely when you did it.

  • REM
    REM  11 months ago +51

    OEM vent looks much better

  • HarmanPlays
    HarmanPlays  11 months ago +97

    I know I keep saying this but I would love to see you guys build a Nissan GT-R

  • Joe Stacks
    Joe Stacks  11 months ago +96

    didn't know challengers ran on grape soda

  • YRN_Terror
    YRN_Terror  11 months ago +20

    Do a vid on how u get the money to buy a Hellcat and a Stingray from Copart

  • Brayden Motz
    Brayden Motz  11 months ago +11

    is channel never disappoint me it is a good Channel and I'm very interested in everything that they work on

  • Deksam101
    Deksam101  11 months ago +23

    What is up with the dislikes??? Get a positive life people!

  • Collton Via
    Collton Via  11 months ago +154

    You should nickname the hell cat Thomas. Just saying

  • Cade Sprakties
    Cade Sprakties  11 months ago +1

    We need another epic jeep build!!! The blue rubicon was my favorite by far. A 4 door rubicon would be epic with some major mods!!

  • BradLee Jones
    BradLee Jones  11 months ago +7

    Great episode! Patiently waiting the next!
    So,....HURRY UP!!

    JOE MOMMA  11 months ago +7

    Great video. The mesh looks like crap imo. Looks like something you took off the your chicken coop.

  • KillerDave55
    KillerDave55  11 months ago +1

    Hey guys...
    I'm loving your builds but, Why don't you just swap the whole rear fender/quarter panel???

  • King Wizard
    King Wizard  11 months ago +82

    where the goonzquad notification squad at?

  • Abdul Iddrisu
    Abdul Iddrisu  11 months ago +1

    Your videos are just too good.
    I love you guys man.
    And the mustang is one of my fav cars

  • Pop Laurentiu
    Pop Laurentiu  11 months ago +1

    I see you guys bring Thomas back on the screen that is very good.. he is very important.. now is it har to imagine next build a Lamborghini if not at least a Viper ?
    keep doing good stuff, we still love you guys watching ! ;0)

  • Baked Beanz on Toast
    Baked Beanz on Toast  11 months ago +2

    Hi from the UK, I agree the OEM grill on the hood looks much better, another great episode chaps,🇬🇧🤙

  • Drizzyboy101
    Drizzyboy101  11 months ago +5

    amazing head lights on the car and awesome engine rev, sounds great goonzquad. and question can u guy add led lights to the car or some cool under glow?

  • Backyard Chevy
    Backyard Chevy  11 months ago +3

    Awesome video as usual, cars coming along great...hopefully one day my YouTube channel can help u out:)