The Ingenious Design of the Aluminum Beverage Can

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 14, 2015
  • Bill details the engineering choices underlying the design of a beverage can He explains why it is cylindrical, outlines the manufacturing steps needed to created the can, notes why the can narrows near it lid, show close ups of the double-seam that hold the lid on, and details the complex operation of the tab that opens the can.
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    How It’s Made:


  • Insearchuvu
    Insearchuvu  3 hours ago

    AHA!!! There is ONE SIGNIFICANT FEATURE of the Tab on the can ... THE HOLE IN THE TAB ... It HAS A PURPOSE ... which is TO HOLD A STRAW ... if the person drinking from the can prefers drinking from a straw ... as opposed to drinking directly from the surface that the tab has revealed ... Some might think that the straw is more sterile than the direct surface of the can ...

  • TheMightyKinkle
    TheMightyKinkle  9 hours ago

    It took me about half way through the video to realise he was moving from table to table

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown  17 hours ago

    You forget a couple of things sir,try again

  • Flavortown Experience

    yo, anyone know where I can get the sphere can? It's not for me a friend is asking

  • elmer fernandez
    elmer fernandez  21 hours ago

    Who here watch this video while holding a can in there hand's.???

  • Alex Ritchie
    Alex Ritchie  yesterday

    Pity that aluminium is a neurotoxin

  • Piccolo's Grunts
    Piccolo's Grunts  yesterday +1

    Video: "The Aluminum Can."
    Me: "Hold my Milk Carton!"

  • Candyfloss
    Candyfloss  yesterday +1

    Sponsored by Fanta

  • john steves
    john steves  yesterday

    Well done!

  • Joshua Rasiel
    Joshua Rasiel  yesterday

    Fantastic. It’s like “How It’s Made” but way better!

  • Terry Biker
    Terry Biker  yesterday

    Hi, i retired from canmaking in March, 30 yrs making these. I arrived here via flat earth? You forgot to mention cold drawn,no heat. i was a lacquer rat and Belvac tech. Great video, almost miss it. Miss the money but not the job. Perhaps another vid on the problems that occur? I can help you there.

  • LeadBlastin22
    LeadBlastin22  2 days ago

    Best product placement on YouTube.. BRB, need to run to the vending machine to grab a Fanta Orange. PS, as a fellow engineer I appreciate your attention to detail, you speak my language.

  • Michael A. Rodriguez


  • growlingbehemoth
    growlingbehemoth  2 days ago

    The cuboid would be fine to drink from if you just place the opening at a corner. It is common in Japan to get sake served in a cuboid container. Then you just drink from the corner and its perfectly pleasing.

  • Sudhanshu Vuppuluri

    Nice way to explain engineering topics!

  • zzZzz zzZzz
    zzZzz zzZzz  3 days ago

    Cuboid is now my favorite word.

  • Charles Wagner
    Charles Wagner  3 days ago

    I found this so compelling. Thank You, Engineer Guy.

  • Joe Craven
    Joe Craven  3 days ago

    It's not just the subject matter. It's the clear and concise way he describes things. Very educational.

  • Christopher Lawrence

    one of the best videos I have ever seen ... such clarity and erudition .... no flannel !

  • Benjamín Rámila

    If the Aluminum Beverage Can, you can.