Señorita World Premiere - 10PM ET tonight

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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 20, 2019
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  • Gabriella Green
    Gabriella Green  2 months ago +920

    This is how many people LOVE💖💖 Camila Cabello

  • Goonj Vaghela
    Goonj Vaghela  2 months ago +972

    Director: how many fans do you want to faint?
    Shawn and Camila: HELL YES

  • Thank u, next
    Thank u, next  2 months ago +250

    Me? Fainted
    Camilizers? Dead
    Camila? Hot
    Hotel? Trivago
    This joke? Old

  • Tsuriiko
    Tsuriiko  2 months ago +148

    She's so small next to Shawn it's too cute 😭 I can't wait

  • Kiomi Van Dijk
    Kiomi Van Dijk  2 months ago +180

    This is how many people love Camila and Shawn ❤️

  • Cruz
    Cruz  2 months ago +698

    ¿Cuántos Mexicanos estamos aquí?
    Yo empiezo 👍🏻

  • Hehe Hehe
    Hehe Hehe  2 months ago +244

    Director : how shock do you want both fandoms to be?
    Shawn and mila: yEs

  • dontknow Whattonamethis
    dontknow Whattonamethis  2 months ago +285

    Director: How obvious do you want it to be that you are dating?
    Shawn and Camila: YES

  • Rita Carvalho
    Rita Carvalho  2 months ago +286

    I'm dying I need to listen the song. HELP ME!
    CAN'T WAIT!!!

  • xCamilizerx
    xCamilizerx  2 months ago +519

    Me: sees Camila nonification.
    My finger: What ya waiting for?
    My finger: Hits the play button

  • Violeta
    Violeta  2 months ago +64

    Camila & Shawn:

  • Lia Fernandez
    Lia Fernandez  2 months ago +33

    Make this blue if you think she is perfect❣️

  • mcsf
    mcsf  2 months ago +68

    QUE SUSTO MULHER , pensei que já tinha lançado do nada aqui

  • Angelina Louise
    Angelina Louise  2 months ago +18

    Shawn and Camila 4 years ago : we haven’t made out before
    Shawn and Camila 2019 : never mind take that back

  • Daniela Moreno
    Daniela Moreno  2 months ago +428

    Ay dios mio! se prendió esta vaina!!! YA NO PUEDO ESPERAR A ESCUCHAR Y VER ESTÁ OBRA DE ARTE!

  • Ophélia Perrin
    Ophélia Perrin  2 months ago +55

    Hey Camila I saw you 1 year ago today, at your show in Paris & it was unbelivable, love you 💓

  • Euphoriae
    Euphoriae  2 months ago +30

    The “ooh oooh” kinda reminds me of 13 reasons why lmao🤪

  • Kaya T.
    Kaya T.  2 months ago +11

    I've been shipping them for the longest time !!! This is gonna be so beautiful 😭❤️

  • C e r e z a a a a
    C e r e z a a a a  2 months ago +76

    amo a Camila y Shawn pero aquí sigue mandando Camren, compermiso.

  • Sophia Alessandra
    Sophia Alessandra  2 months ago +412

    Primeira notificação do Shawn Mendes agora da Camila cabello!