Lovely Bossa Nova & JAZZ - Instrumental Bossa Nova Jazz for Relax, Work & Study

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 10, 2019

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    Our Bossa Nova can be used for wake up, studying, relaxing, calm, romantic breakfast, cooking, baking, at work and relaxation. This relaxing music best suited for study, work, cooking, like dinner music, background music, romantic music, relaxation music or music for stress relief. Let the beautiful, soothing and inspirational music help you relax!


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    LA SOMBRA OSCURA  a months ago +1

    I love

  • Evgeniy Vitkina
    Evgeniy Vitkina  4 months ago +1

    Очень хорошая музыка...

  • maggie hussey
    maggie hussey  4 months ago +1


  • Cookie Cat
    Cookie Cat  4 months ago

    I that Write a lot of stories have been addicted to this channel and their Music. Thank you!

  • maria das graças vasconcelos

    Adoro ouvir Bossa Nova. É chique. Acalma, relaxa, felicidade pura. Que bom. Obrigada!

  • Аида Толукпаева

    Музыка просто класс реально расслабляет спасибо

  • John Mathis
    John Mathis  4 months ago +1

    What is the name of the first song I NEED that!! Pls someone know the name of the first one 😂😭

  • Basel Bibi
    Basel Bibi  4 months ago +1

    Love you miss relaxation

  • Bronson lkm
    Bronson lkm  4 months ago +3

    Thanks, nice to listen this beautiful lovely Jazz music tune. Sounds of silence, so relaxing the mind n heart. The scene of nature is pretty peaceful.Perfect for stress relief, reading n relaxation .Awesome video!🎶🎧

  • David Junior Louissaint
    David Junior Louissaint  4 months ago +1

    This soft jazz music is so cute and adorable. Very amazing. Thanks.

  • Amy G
    Amy G  4 months ago +2


    QUENTIN PAUL  4 months ago +1

    So amazing

  • Luis Ayos Mercado
    Luis Ayos Mercado  4 months ago

    Yo le colocaría "comillas" a todos los 14 comentarios hechos hasta ahora, finalizando con un "...y hasta más" .

  • Alexandre Santos
    Alexandre Santos  4 months ago +2

    voces sabem que o criador da bossa nova, o brasileiro João Gilberto, faleceu recentemente, não? que tal um programa com musicas dele? um abraço a todos!

  • Baalbor
    Baalbor  4 months ago +2


  • Cleto Santa Coloma
    Cleto Santa Coloma  4 months ago +2

    Music that inspires me by the blue sea with the Morros covered in jungle by the seaside

  • Cleto Santa Coloma
    Cleto Santa Coloma  4 months ago +4

    Homenaje al Maestro Joao Gilberto que revolucionó la música de occidente el último tercio del siglo XX junto con otros Grandes como Antonio Carlos Jobim. (Tribute to the Great Joao Gilberto who upgraded Occident Music in the last third of the 20th century along others Masters of music as Antonio Carlos Jobim).

  • Adrienne0317
    Adrienne0317  4 months ago +4

    Very nice!!!

  • ольга космицкая

    Love 🎼🎧📚🍽🍩🍩🍮🍵

    ΚΙΚΗ ΛΕΤΣΙΟΥ  4 months ago +7

    Very nice video Relax music 😍