Relaxing Music to Sleep With from Manso RIver at Night with the Full Moon

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 24, 2017
  • Enjoy this beautiful Manso river in Patagonia at night. Relaxing music for deep sleeping. Magnificent relaxing music, various titles. Special permission granted by author: "The Monk by the Sea" Studio Video Copyright © 2011-2017


  • CloudyNites
    CloudyNites  7 days ago +7

    I never knew how much I needed this. I'm getting a lot more rest recently. I also use this to study, draw and write stories. Thank you! It's such a gorgeous melody

  • Naturaleza Viva - Sonidos y Paisajes Increíbles

    Created with love between nature and people. Peaceful dreams everyone!

  • Carol Taylor
    Carol Taylor  yesterday +2

    The Moon gilds a silvery path that leads on and on, to night whispers, dream shadows, and sweet peace.
    Inspired by this scene and music.

  • Snow Girl
    Snow Girl  20 hours ago

    I don't find these kinds of relaxing vids often. This one i truly love

  • mysticaltyger2009

    OMG, the Manso River is Amazing. I was there in 2003.

  • Dannigurl_12
    Dannigurl_12  21 hours ago

    I love the beginning of the videos music with the guitar.. I wish tht part was a lot longer.. I fast forward through the video to see if it was in any other parts.. well time.. please make a video similar to the music in the beginning tht would be wonderful ty!

  • cecilia palermo

    Que belleza la Patagonia Argentina, no es cierto? Los Sionistas destructivos asesinan a activistas y nativos para saquear esas tierras preciosas. 😥 peace friend🇦🇷🕊

  • Pawel kosinski
    Pawel kosinski  3 days ago

    Holley for ask to production of mayntd pollasys maynd to qurwamać zajebiśćie

  • Paula simoes
    Paula simoes  21 days ago +3

    Linda musica. Parabéns. Gosto é já dei o meu Like. Sou de Portugal. Um beijinho

  • Jean Toussaint
    Jean Toussaint  14 days ago +31

    I love a cup of peppermint tea 🍵 while inside my bathroom and listening to this angelic music 🎵 and it really makes me feel like I’m floating into deep space and it’s amazing that watching the river at night and the moon on top of the mountain can be so exciting,excellent,marvelous and c’est très bien pour le corps (good for thé soûl).

  • Pawel kosinski
    Pawel kosinski  3 days ago

    Pszepraszam for everyone's Mai behvia is not 's wery welll

  • Ty Barioni
    Ty Barioni  1 months ago +26

    Beautiful I wish upon a star ⭐️ to be in a place like this

  • Dominik Žilka
    Dominik Žilka  1 months ago +17

    For long time I was affraid that I will never see/hear this again. Thank you so much! Love it :)

  • izulkim
    izulkim  4 months ago +22

    Que hermosa vista no pare de mirar fijamente la naturaleza, el rio correr entre las piedras, el cielo hermoso con tantas estrellas, deseando estar ahi, es un Paraiso Nocturno 🥰

  • Bee Roes
    Bee Roes  1 months ago +21

    Thank you for making me go to sleep my cat sleep my dogs asleep thanks

  • Gerardo Bandala
    Gerardo Bandala  3 months ago +8

    Yo ya e experimentado este tipo de paisajes atrás de mi casa pasa un río y cuando es en agosto sale la luna a su máximo resplendor reflejando la luz de la luna sobre el agua corriendo el viendo en tus mejillas es algo muy hermoso.

  • Pawel kosinski
    Pawel kosinski  3 days ago

    I'm going to production of my mind to work

  • HarrisHaven
    HarrisHaven  1 months ago +18

    If you care what people shared ,as I was reading I think you would be able to say thank you? It's beautiful ❤️ but wow , say thank you for liking us! like others do! Namaste 💞🙌 just a thought 🌞🌛😴

  • E. S.
    E. S.  1 months ago +30

    Stunning view of God's love and creation. Earth, a wonderful place to live. May God bless you and yours 🌎💗🙏

  • Luis Hernandez
    Luis Hernandez  28 days ago +24

    Love and blessings to everyone...