Relaxing Music to Sleep With from Manso RIver at Night with the Full Moon

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 24, 2017
  • Enjoy this beautiful Manso river in Patagonia at night. Relaxing music for deep sleeping. Magnificent relaxing music, various titles. Special permission granted by author: "The Monk by the Sea"

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  • Federica Abril Oviedo


  • Gary Haber
    Gary Haber  14 days ago

    I've listened to many sleep videos, but this is the best one by far.
    I only listen to this one to fall asleep to now.
    So does my wife, and dog.

  • Norberto Barea
    Norberto Barea  21 days ago

    Argentina....eres unica y llena de hechizo ...

  • Calmness in Calamity
    Calmness in Calamity  a months ago +2

    I've spent so much of my youth lost for not knowing what I wanted when I finally knew what I wanted I was lost. What looks like I want is only a possibility- a choice among steps that may never lead to its result but a journey that I must enjoy to get there or failure is certain. Looking for the pattern of will, will cause you pain you have to look for the pattern then push away. Too soon before the fall you'll go over if you contemplate nothing to be the same; a brighter or darker day. Fighting and flighting to another way from which you came- no shame it's just that original truth is not reality. Your reality is your narrative and your narrative is molded only by what you saw and believe. You can still learn and think for yourself by witnessing others learning and thinking for themselves; but to hurt again and know and hurt again without will to change? To endure what you haven't learned is strange. PUSH away, ride the waves. Joy is light. We all have a will to sleep, to stay warm, a will to eat, a will to adapt, a will to think; for ourselves we know it to be what avoids pain. Well- what about dance? Can we? We can dance while we sleep, or do the dance to sleep together or apart if only in a dream. To motivate for warmth we dance, by the fire we feel immortal and important and pain is relieved. We can dance while we eat, slow if we must. We adapt; dancing is never the same in two genres. We think for ourselves because who else can? We must have the bravery to become ourselves; lost and then we find ourselves. I enjoy or progress to enjoy how I go to bed, where I go to find my warmth in my home, all the foods, how I aspire to be a better example and how I learn. We all gotta sweat the chemicals out store from fight or flight. I hope you enjoy your youth in an active passing, not a passive acting. Joy is light :) Thank you for reading 💙blessed be. ✌🥦

  • Ralph B
    Ralph B  a months ago

    Wasn’t the title in English first? Where is the music from, it’s so beautiful

  • Dawson Cook
    Dawson Cook  a months ago

    For you the worlds slip away for now and be at peace for tonight or day.

  • Dawson Cook
    Dawson Cook  a months ago

    thousands Realm everyday some do not see some things of life of music when you show them the way they become stronger in mind and in body become one with nature we as a species we well evolve and something greater in time.

  • Dawson Cook
    Dawson Cook  a months ago

    Sod mos ko seere zanza xs qnd zen most non xvt.

  • Aaron Chapman
    Aaron Chapman  a months ago

    This is good to listen to while tripping and exploring ayahuasca, and San Pedro, or LSD or meditating

  • A & J C
    A & J C  a months ago

    The music (which I like), sounds like I'm in a monastery. Very pleasant.

  • ⚔️King of my Castle⚔️


  • Sparra
    Sparra  a months ago

    Your videos are exquisite. I've subbed in, am so pleased to meet your work 💙

  • popal khan
    popal khan  a months ago

    lovely scene music and amazing nature

  • 3cl1p5e vyNil0
    3cl1p5e vyNil0  a months ago

    excellent job

  • Darren flint
    Darren flint  2 months ago

    I personally think it's lovely to be on that one quiet beautiful side of YouTube. Here it is

  • wegivinnofukk
    wegivinnofukk  2 months ago

    my first music video dropped.. i need english people that understand my vision. its sound from the future. im from germany give me 1 chance and listen. workin so hard on music. thanks love you guys <3

  • LetIt Be
    LetIt Be  2 months ago

    I have never seen something more beautiful than this. Heard felt experienced maybe but seen, no.

  • Marisela Lopez
    Marisela Lopez  2 months ago

    Una sensación de bienestar, de calma increíble

  • Felix g
    Felix g  2 months ago

    Musica natural relajante desde Rio Manso con luz lunar a la noche con relajacion*amante y musica instrumental relajante para Dormir con esta Jesus

  • Dolly Wood
    Dolly Wood  2 months ago +1

    These sleep apps, the colors and the music are a miracle to hard core insomniacs like me.