Rebuilding A Wrecked 2017 Corvette Z06

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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 14, 2018
  • This is what we have all been waiting for! It is time to step up the game and bring in the ultimate rebuild. This brand new car was wrecked right off of the car lot. However we are going to bring it back to life and take you guys along this awesome journey. Thanks For Watching!!!


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  • Brian Michaud
    Brian Michaud  7 minutes ago

    That loader operator wasn't even looking behind him when reversing! Your lucky!

  • Diabeetus
    Diabeetus  11 hours ago

    Sad that they got rid of this car :(

  • JB Cepeda
    JB Cepeda  4 days ago

    how come you guys never share what you paid COPART for these cars. it would help me find the right deals when I am looking for some of the cars your guys have redone. PLEASE share that info. part prices and info on where to get them would also help.

  • Hai Ngo
    Hai Ngo  14 days ago

    Get a c7 stingray as your next rebuild

  • ItzNoahyt
    ItzNoahyt  a months ago

    Lol you went to my local copart in loganville Georgia that's where I live

  • AceGaming
    AceGaming  a months ago +3

    Still watching 2019 nov. 4
    😊 This car it so amazing😊❤️

  • Kalet4557hotmail Nazario

    Cuanto costo

  • Niner Shawn
    Niner Shawn  a months ago

    How much did you guys pay for the car cause I would love to get in to this

  • Viseth Music-Lover
    Viseth Music-Lover  a months ago

    Do you need a staff !!! I need a job.

  • Waterhead
    Waterhead  2 months ago

    I worked on expanding that yard

  • Pieter du Plessis
    Pieter du Plessis  2 months ago

    Bro why do you look so dissapointed or sad ? Your allways so hyped and possitive ?

  • Ryan Langston
    Ryan Langston  2 months ago

    26 minutes of two guys creaming over the car and listening to themselves talk.

  • Montney
    Montney  2 months ago

    I'm looking at one identical to this what did the interior parts cost

  • McGooley
    McGooley  2 months ago

    jesus this is painful to watch. "way more better" haha. you guys should stick with pickups

  • Ertiyed
    Ertiyed  2 months ago

    Where I live most people drive manual. :P

  • Diego Ocampo
    Diego Ocampo  2 months ago

    Subtítulos en español 🙏🏾

  • Area51Motorsports
    Area51Motorsports  2 months ago

    Just my pinion but there are way to many people talking in the videos and finishing each other’s sentences

  • Pandu oroan
    Pandu oroan  3 months ago

    Is you are buying the car

  • steven sparkz
    steven sparkz  3 months ago

    I like you guys I like what you are about, but can I respectfully as you to please remove the american flag with a blue line through.. desecration of the american flag is something that all military veterans and ppl still serving take very seriously.. the blue line signifies a divide within the united 13 colonies, it's representative of what that flag is about and should never ever be mark or enhanced in any way

  • catfisher420
    catfisher420  3 months ago +1

    How much did this whole build cost for the car and all the parts??