Bomani Jones: Did Warriors GM offend Kevin Durant with his 'joke'? | High Noon | ESPN

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 13, 2018
  • Bomani Jones asks if Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers offended Kevin Durant with his "joke" about Steph Curry's history with the team.

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  • Johnny Love
    Johnny Love  6 months ago

    Now they retiring his

  • ex_supersoldier
    ex_supersoldier  a years ago

    Now Bob's gonna hire a babysitter for Durant.

  • pyramid architect
    pyramid architect  a years ago

    All jokes have a tab of truth at least to the person who told it

  • ProducedbyVino
    ProducedbyVino  a years ago

    Lmaoo theyre joking man

  • jevinranks
    jevinranks  a years ago

    Uh.....idiots! It was just a bad joke from a known geek/jock done in poor taste.

  • Rami Abboud
    Rami Abboud  a years ago

    Yall are so dense. The Warriors' GM was mocking all the people criticizing Durant for going to another team in free agency where he felt like he had the best chance for winning and becoming a better player and being happier.

  • Warren Mazengwe
    Warren Mazengwe  a years ago +2

    I love the Warriors, but sometimes I think Bob needs to keep his mouth shut. He's done this before; speaking out of turn or saying things that he should keep to himself. The first time he did that, he said in an interview that they are light years better than any other team in the NBA. Even though it seemed to be true, he shouldn't have said that. Other teams/ fans took exception to that, and even though #Dubnation won 73 games that season, they didn't win/defend the championship. It's one of those "Everyone knows but it still shouldn't be said" moments. Now he has said something else stupid for everyone to take out of context. Idiot move that can't be undone.

  • Michael Swindler
    Michael Swindler  a years ago

    Shit tell rhe truth we like having you but we don't need you !

  • Joz and Easy
    Joz and Easy  a years ago


  • Jason Vyzer
    Jason Vyzer  a years ago

    I'm guessing Myers was already a drink or two into the celebration. The only joke that "might" have stung was the second one when he said, "yah, but Steph deserved that". It was a joke and the context was absurd given how valuable KD is to this team. It's blatantly obvious KD has "earned" whatever he wants--that's why I think Myers felt he could make that joke and people would get it. The media doesn't seem to, though. KD should know how the team feels about him. He needs thicker skin if he's even the slightest bit offended. The contrast between reality and what Myers said should be clear as day.

  • harold balandra
    harold balandra  a years ago +1

    never did durant gave warriors 2rings. It is the warriors who actually gave him that opportunity to be a champion he is nowhere near becoming a champion no matter what team he goes to except the warriors, steph taking a step back, for his talent to flourish more and his name to be known more to be able to play with KD and have a dyansty run.. whether he gets offended by that joke and get out of the warriors team who cares, warriors may still be or not be the champion if he goes out.. but not just because you're a star player you get to demand every single thing on the team where everyone fought their way to deserve what they got right now, i think it is the best way to bring someone back to his position, props to bob myers for telling "Hey man, everyone fought hard with this team when we were bunch of nobodies in this league, so you cant just demand things we've given these things just because you won 2 championships with us, that we won one without you, you also have to earn your way to it will not be given to you easily because these people bust their asses, give their all out and bleed sweat and blood until we became champions "

  • Trev WIlliams
    Trev WIlliams  a years ago

    This is why the Warriors will not win the championship next year. That statement right there proves the arrogance of a GM who thinks that people are just going to come to GSW just because, not so much!!! Once Draymond leaves, you will see the fallout.

  • melvin barnett
    melvin barnett  a years ago

    So what, Kevin's the hired gun brought in to get that guy you are scared to face alone ; he an expendable piece!

  • Arcell Mcgowan
    Arcell Mcgowan  a years ago

    damn KD wont they show you R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  • ohSanee
    ohSanee  a years ago


  • mrhoopfan
    mrhoopfan  a years ago +1

    Who has Golden State beat without Durant to win a championship?

  • Almighty Syte
    Almighty Syte  a years ago

    Bomani and Broussard show please

  • Almighty Syte
    Almighty Syte  a years ago

    You see how everyone looked after the so called joke was dropped?? And draymond tried to console KD...real cringe shit in this

  • tyler cj307
    tyler cj307  a years ago

    Warriors GM is a jackass! And I'm a warriors fan!

  • Dan R
    Dan R  a years ago

    Damn... lol " HE'S EARNED IT".. truth hurts KD.. i hope GS keeps Steph,Klay and Draymond together.. these three are so fun to watch.. i couldn't care less about KD, he is a hitchhiker riding the GS bus.