Peaceful Piano & Soft Rain - Relaxing Sleep Music, A Bitter Rain

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 2, 2019
  • Peaceful Piano & Soft Rain
    Relaxing Sleep Music, A Bitter Rain


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    ~ The Soul of Wind ~
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    _The Soul of Wind_


  • Try hard Cadet
    Try hard Cadet  2 hours ago +1


    BRINEDOES  4 hours ago


  • khanh_az
    khanh_az  6 hours ago

    why people call this music relax? i jsut can feel sad when listening to it

    BILLIE MARTINEZ  6 hours ago

    There's a little girl went under the tree,she oppened her book and read a brief poet

    Look! The sky is so bright i can see your smile in it
    As the wind blows it is dancing with your hair, leaves were dancing with it
    As the river flows all of our memories were flowing with it, all of my love for you were flowing with it
    Then sunddenly rain started then the little girl started to cry, she started whinning and nobody can hear her voice with pain,all the pages in her book were fading,the she cried...then smiled and said "again, they can't see my tears falling down from my eyes, they can't hear my voice full of pain, again im lonely under the rain, nobody cares about me,as she cries,why can't you see? Im just tryna live my own life :< please let me be, i feel so scatterd but no one wants to listen to me...please

    -ctt me😨

  • Gwen Vera
    Gwen Vera  7 hours ago

    My exam is tomorrow and I feel like I can't do well. I have a lot of what if's. And I can't stop thinking about it. But when I read all the comments below. I must say that I'm not alone. I can do better for tomorrow and I'll do better for my exam. Thanks people! I enjoy reading all of your comments.

  • Cause Meanski
    Cause Meanski  8 hours ago

    Hope everyones doing well

  • MyDayisbeautiful
    MyDayisbeautiful  8 hours ago

    thank you this is amazing study music

  • GelatTheDragon
    GelatTheDragon  15 hours ago

    I've been having these play at x1.5 speed while doing late night study sessions for college and it's been just the right tempo to not feel too drowsy at. It's time for bed now though. Good luck from Wyoming to anyone else studying out there!

  • Ide Dan Estetika
    Ide Dan Estetika  23 hours ago

    Are they having a fight or what?

  • KingMarshmallow *insert crown*

    Kinda want to play piano with this 😍 thanks for thia relaxing melody

  • music destination
    music destination  yesterday +1

    You're okay

    You're fine

    You're safe here

    Its warm right?

    Dont cry

    We'll be okay

    Calm down

    Breath deep

    And know you're here

    Alive and breathing

    That's more than enough

  • Glen Gonçalo
    Glen Gonçalo  yesterday +1

    This is beautiful!
    I also compose and perform relaxing piano music on my channel!
    Please feel free to check me out :)
    Have a blessed 2020 everyone!

  • Jada Parks/Villanueva

    Thinking of JESUS......WOW! He brings & gives me real JOY & PEACE. Thank YOU, GOD, for saving my wretched soul and giving me FAITH, HOPE, JOY and THE TRUE LOVE and acceptance I need. I am no longer restless since YOU spoke PEACE BE STILL to my soul. I am at peace now...ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. 1/21/2020. HE can bring peace to you too. NOTE: Even though you may NOT agree...REMEMBER.....This is “my” opinion.

  • Naz Bach
    Naz Bach  yesterday +1

    When i feel lonely .. i came here not just for the music .. but to read the comments again .. you guys are my friend ❤️

  • spoop eee doop
    spoop eee doop  yesterday

    i only clicked to see what anime the background was from

  • Aditya Chakrabarty

    Anime : Garden of words

  • REACH168
    REACH168  2 days ago +1

    Hey you, yes, i'm talking to you, YouTube comments reader.
    I know that sometimes (or often) our days don't go well, we feel sad, lonely, angry, whatever makes you feel bad... have a cup of your favorite beverage, sit in yor favorite place, feel that smooth beat for all the time you want. Maybe it won't fix something (or maybe it will), but I hope you'll enjoy it.
    Keep chasing your dreams, you're not alone, we're in the same world, and if we don't have the same problems, we feel the same.

    I'll recommend you a bucket list that you should do:
    -Say something good to a friend.
    -Call that guy/girl you like,
    -Go buy something pretty nice for you, you deserve it
    -Go outside and meet new people, make new friends.
    -Do something new, learn it, makes time slower. (kind of strange, makes time go faster but years slower)

    Write something nice to someone in the comments, make them feel better too, they need it.

    One last thing I want to say: I love you dude, no matters who you are, where you are, what you did.

    I hope this comment made you feel better.
    I wish you a good day! and I'll see you in the next comments of the next music video.

  • Bryan Pez
    Bryan Pez  2 days ago

    I don’t know who I am anymore...but this music is relaxing. I suck at sleeping however I feel like this might help. Gn everyone, I hope you all stay safe out there, the world is ruthless.

  • Hwaryun unn
    Hwaryun unn  2 days ago

    Yeah, so I’ve been reading these comments for hours, I just felt like maybe I could vent here ya know.

    So my story honestly isn’t sad but I just feel very overwhelmed and stressed atm. I’ve got an exam tomorrow, i have 4 exams coming up right after that, my grades are dropping, I just don’t know what to do anymore at this point. This really isn’t even that bad compared to other people’s situations but this stress is really messing with me. My parents and teachers just told me to try my best and I really appreciate that and don’t want to disappoint them but I don’t really know if I can pull through this anymore. I just hope things will get better. So yeah, if you actually read up till here, I hope that u have a good day, everyone has prolly told u that but I mean it genuinely. A good day is really a game changer. Night.

  • Heiri Ra
    Heiri Ra  2 days ago +1

    I love you.