Brexit: Trump says Johnson ‘right man for the job’ at G7 Summit

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  • Published on:  Sunday, August 25, 2019
  • It was a day of bracing experiences for Boris Johnson.

    First, he went for an early morning swim, before meeting with Donald Trump, trying to reboot that extra special relationship, while at the same time gently rebuking him on escalating a trade war with China.


    Later on, he held a session with Donald Tusk, the outgoing EU President, who looked very glum after the Prime Minister told him that most of the 39 billion divorce bill won’t be paid if there is no deal.

    Here's how the day unfolded.


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  • Richard van Schelven

    Well shows you how much Trump knows ...

  • Raptor Jesus
    Raptor Jesus  14 days ago

    haha another bias news article and the comments are entirely against you.
    EU that way --->
    leave now you Britain hating traitors.

  • sea shells waves
    sea shells waves  14 days ago

    My favourite two guys .
    Putin is just as good .

  • Darryl Potter
    Darryl Potter  14 days ago

    Dumb and dumber.

  • transit journal
    transit journal  14 days ago

    There is no "divorce bill".
    This term is manipulative and totally misleading.
    These are old / remaining membership fees and obligations, UK Haß agree in long time ago.
    England refuse to pay his debts in another attempt to blackmail the EU (due to his weak bargaining power) and to impress voters at home.... that's all.

  • Martin Lancaster
    Martin Lancaster  14 days ago

    Boris talking about selling more meat products at the G7 when the first agenda was climate change and the meat industry is the driving force of our climate change disaster. How can we trust this lunatic. He looks like a small dog that was given a bone on the bottom of those stairs embarrassing.

  • Paola Alexandra
    Paola Alexandra  21 days ago +3

    I love Trump 💙 like you have no idea.

  • Paul Edmonds
    Paul Edmonds  21 days ago +4

    why should the pm talk to your biased reporters . you need arresting for treason and hate speech.

  • Kushal Kumar
    Kushal Kumar  21 days ago

    The Queen of Britain approved on 28 August , 2019 , the proposal of PM Boris Johnson to suspend the Parliament until 14 October , 2019. The move is read to enable Boris Johnson to shape-up and execute his Brexit plan well before the deadline of 31 October , 2019 by limiting Parliament’s ability to derail the same. Some days back , Boris Johnson had discussed the issue of Brexit with powers that be in EU and resulting thought for action was to find out an alternative to backstop. But further clarity seems to be eluding. On the whole , Brexit without deal looks to be also on the table , it can be perceived. In this context , it is apt to refer readers to this Vedic astrology writer’s predictive alerts in article - “ World trends in April to August 2019” - brought to public domain widely in March and subsequently on 5 April 2019. The predictive alert had said that a period of four months and a half from mid- April to August 2019 may call for more care and appropriate strategy in U.K. as well in relation to its vital matters with union of nations (EU) involving financial aspects also. The planetary impacts analyzed around month of May had suggested that the aforesaid major worrisome concerns in UK also could reach out to mid-October in 2019. The trend of events shaping up in that country suggests that predictive alerts of this writer were not off the mark.

  • Robert Timsah
    Robert Timsah  21 days ago

    Here in the United States we're in exactly the same state as Britain is with their media. They're RUBBISH. Bunch of globalist liberal hacks who hate Trump more than they hate Brexit. This "report" is a great illustration of that.

  • Republic of Common Sense

    This is why I am full supporter of EU plan for own def military and to simply move away from England and USA. Nobody should dictate us with who to trade with, who to sanction and what our overall interests around world would be like.
    We would be smart if we would support silk road to china... just saying...

  • Via
    Via  21 days ago

    Fucking nauseating.

  • Irage Yehudian
    Irage Yehudian  21 days ago +1

    Macron is irrelevant. He is so weak and
    Much in domestic trouble that can not influence
    anything. He is not a leader. The French people
    did a big mistake to elect him. Now they pay the price

  • Irage Yehudian
    Irage Yehudian  21 days ago

    Are u really so stupid that you saying that
    President Trump doesn’t knows how diplomacy
    is conducted ?! Are u out of your mind.
    Mr. Trump is the toughest diplomat in the word.
    He knows diplomacy from A TO Z.
    That’s the reason always he says let see what will
    happen. Ore I hope things will go well. He never ever
    shows his cads and always holds the King for the
    last resort in his hand.

  • Irage Yehudian
    Irage Yehudian  21 days ago

    Fake news everywhere
    President Trump is the real leader
    He is the real deal maker
    He knows very well the Art of the Deal
    The rest of you leftist animals never ever even admit
    the progress did Mr. Trump toward all major
    American challenges. You journalists are worthless
    And only opportunistic even no one positive word
    for greatest man on the planet. Shame on all of you

  • peterc
    peterc  21 days ago +4

    Left wing bigotry of this report is dreary and predictable.

  • Rose Treiger
    Rose Treiger  21 days ago

    A trade war with China is exactly what the world needs China charges the world 35% to bring their goods into China where is China gets charged 25% and pays nothing tells you to go f yourself they're stealing billions from you but you just okay with the devil you know. It's time to beat back the bullies.

  • Mika Ham
    Mika Ham  21 days ago

    Ch4 and Gary Gibbon are biased against Brexit and the Conservatives! I agree that Boris Johnson should deny them an interview. When Ch4 choose to report news and cease political activism, then Boris should meet with Ch4 and provide interviews. Until Ch4 agrees to maintain an indepenent non biased perspective on Brexit, they should be excluded from direct contact with the Prime Minister.

  • Essex123 456
    Essex123 456  21 days ago

    Trump and Johnson is such a depressing optic. Two buffoons one known for his linguistic gymnastics the other still at the evolutionary level of spewing faecal matter.😔 😔

  • The Grumpy Englishman

    Talk about snarky salty voiceover