Satisfactory Guides: 20 Awesome Factory Build Tips

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 14, 2019
  • Hello guys what's up, it's Totalxclipse here with another video on Satisfactory. This time, I cover 20 awesome tips that will help you build your factory no matter how big, or small, like a pro!
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    Anyway guys, if you do have any tips on better building in game, which perhaps I haven't covered then be sure to let me know, in the comment section below! As always thanks for watching!


  • Law Bird
    Law Bird  21 days ago

    You need to turn that fov down to 40 at most. I can barely see anything in your video.

    CMANIAC1  a months ago

    How do i increase the amount of items produced without having to make 8 billion constructors/smelters, ect...? Even using the power cells its still too slow for my liking

  • AWZool
    AWZool  a months ago

    Good tips. On the planning side, I'd add: plan backwards! decide what you gonna produce, and add the necessary steps for the prerequisites, step by step. A bit of help for that:

  • VitaKet
    VitaKet  a months ago

    Plan for new releases? You mean plan on getting your save wiped..

  • The normal guy 628
    The normal guy 628  a months ago +2

    Im gonna make IKEA to store my things in

  • Felixkek
    Felixkek  2 months ago

    is the glass youre using a mod or how can you unlock glass in satisfactory

  • pav 997
    pav 997  2 months ago


  • Random Roleplays
    Random Roleplays  2 months ago +1

    You've played this game waaaaaay too much! Good for you, it's paying off lol.

  • DayInDaLife
    DayInDaLife  2 months ago

    How do you get those super flat building platforms on the ground. As everything is sloping on the landscape I can not work out how to make a nice large flat area with out basically building in the air. Is there a trick to flatten the ground?

  • Kesiif
    Kesiif  2 months ago

    Factorio in 3d

  • wdmeister
    wdmeister  2 months ago

    Another game where after a few hours you already know how everything works and you just build more of the same. Boring :/

  • Azure the Malk
    Azure the Malk  2 months ago +1

    I'm really new to the game - I spent a reasonable amount of time in Factorio a while back, but never got the hang of setting up for really advanced stuff in that, and so I'm finding myself having a similar problem of just manually doing things as I just can't figure out where I should set up, how much space I'll need, and how to lay out a decent setup.. so yeah.. really not doing things well, but enjoying it, and love seeing these huge builds... maybe I'll get there one day.. xD

  • Richard Sleeve
    Richard Sleeve  3 months ago +9

    And here I am trying to figure out how to automate rotors.

  • DayInDaLife
    DayInDaLife  3 months ago

    As soon as someone begs for likes and subs.. No sub and dislike

  • Dariusz Majecki
    Dariusz Majecki  3 months ago

    Those are nice pro tips. Wish I found this video earlier... Another like for you. Ps: should I first unlock everything or already start my planning so far I got tier 3 and 4 unlocked.

  • Geert Mol
    Geert Mol  3 months ago

    These very tight factories are actually not that convenient if you want to upgrade them. Space is free! Use it.

  • Cody
    Cody  3 months ago +1

    LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE STILL ON BIOFUEL IN THE BACK! I've started roughly a dozen files over hundreds of hour and I have to stay, there's nothing more frustrating than being interrupted on my progress to coal by having to gather biomass every 15min.

    Splitters and Mergers didn't stack until an update just before trains. Idk about modded version of Satisfactory...

    But I'd like to hear a little more on creating your factory to have a multiple belt "lanes". Considering all your raw materials come from static points on the map, how do you approach converging all the sources together.

  • Brian Gervais
    Brian Gervais  4 months ago

    isnt 9 basically cheating?

  • Jason Savage
    Jason Savage  4 months ago

    Can you create another video detailing the best way to setup your factory with splitters, mergers, conveyors, etc. I find that I am always short materials in some way or another and this slows processing which slows upgrades to conveyors, etc. There has to be a tried and true way to setup your factory starting from LVL 1 pieces which can be replicated as you need more production which will allow you to grow the factory the right way. How many times can you split a conveyor with ores and coal until it affect the feeding of the smelters? How many times do you split the output to produce rods or screws until you will slow up production in other areas? I hope I am making sense.