Lamar Jackson Talks About How Patriots Defended Him | Baltimore Ravens

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  • Published on:  Sunday, November 3, 2019
  • Lamar Jackson shrugs off the MVP chatter around him and explains specific plays from Sunday night's 37-20 win.

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  • MeiJah Mitchell
    MeiJah Mitchell  7 days ago

    Last QUARTERBACK taken in his draft class....He's the onlt one that has led his team to the playoffs back to back. They'll be back and he'll be better. Side Note
    Last NFL MVP to go to a Superbowl and win is?
    Last HEISMAN QB winner to Win a Superbowl is?
    I had much doubt this year in spite of the Ravens record.

  • Goober Mcgoobs
    Goober Mcgoobs  1 months ago +1

    “That’s still the goat, don’t nothing change that”

  • Treehouse Perfect
    Treehouse Perfect  1 months ago


  • Treehouse Perfect
    Treehouse Perfect  1 months ago

    say what?

  • G. Coleman
    G. Coleman  1 months ago

    What a great young man. It's such a joy to see. Realness like this is hard to catch. Best of luck to him and his family

    On a side note; i need that shirt!

  • Raphael Romulo
    Raphael Romulo  1 months ago

    Love this guy and his mentality.

  • Megan Vandiford
    Megan Vandiford  1 months ago

    Dont choke at play offs. 49ers gonna beat ya ass

  • Rich Ə Wrych
    Rich Ə Wrych  1 months ago

    Dey gonna get a supa bole outta me.... baleeee dat
    Lamar Action Jackson ♡

  • Walter Hunter
    Walter Hunter  1 months ago +2

    Just started watching his interviews on YouTube this morning. He is really fun to listen to

  • Affennee Morton
    Affennee Morton  1 months ago

    Lovin’ me some LJ for sure!!!!!

  • Milton Ward
    Milton Ward  2 months ago

    Good comment Lamar don't believe the hype r/Griffin who's your back up, Cam newton M\vick who couldn't stay healthy, all got hyped up by media the next great thing. But u do have one thing on your side a a COACH who put a team, let me say again a team around u! Also people are not seeing how smart u and the coach see things. I believe Robert\G has some say in your development. Son l want to see u for a long time , I see Superbowls in u. I like to see u beat the Goat before he leave!

  • vince lawrence
    vince lawrence  2 months ago

    Why do I listen so closely , like my commanding officer telling us what hill we have to take in a few days, what's in his head to make him operate like he is still playing back yard football with his friends , playing ball that's the word , but you play smart ball, but nobody is perfect, and when you mess up you make sure you make up the mistake , long side line passes is not a good play, you have to be to perfect, ten yards across the middle is the safest pass because the play is right in front of the Q B, clear out one side and a slant to Hollywood sound like a t d to me, it's only a back yard play , like go to the trash can and cut across the field td , that was for fun , in the Pros it's worth million of dollars, and the Q B is playing with a lot better players , if you know math add some of that up = You win when you have to,, ( PLAY BALL ) huh !!

  • Par Divus
    Par Divus  2 months ago +1

    Need that shirt

  • Bakeel Al Anesi
    Bakeel Al Anesi  2 months ago


  • Jon Hicks
    Jon Hicks  2 months ago

    Hes a fucking stud and humble love to see the young ones out here putting in the time and effort it takes to win.

  • James Marinelli
    James Marinelli  2 months ago

    Shut the fuck up Lamar Jackson because I heard my staff Mary talk tonight

  • Moloneykiid
    Moloneykiid  2 months ago

    Man this guy just say all the right things

  • Bigg
    Bigg  2 months ago

    Great player great guy

  • Mike Sykes
    Mike Sykes  2 months ago

    I live in baltimore we been waiting for a qb like this for a long time flaco got the ravens a ring but after that he didn't play the same don't put Lamar Jackson on a Madden cover keep up the good work Jackson

  • soulsearcher68
    soulsearcher68  2 months ago +1

    Yeah Lamar I'm gon need that shirt merch in a 4x bruh