Jason Momoa Explains His Unusual Auditioning Techniques | December 2018 Interview

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, December 19, 2018
  • Jason Mamoa The Project. The Aquaman star - in pigtails - drops by the Project Australia, explains how he landed the job, learning Dothraki for Game of Thrones, and how attached he is to his hair.#jasonmamoa #theproject #aquaman


  • elle lorraine  6 months ago

    He's so secure with who he is. Very refreshing. Im happy for his success!

  • Arnold Agrees  2 months ago

    yea you say that because he looks muscular to begin with. if a STRAIGHT feminine man did that you would say eww hes must be gay

  • He's only secure because he's surrounded by a bunch of girly beta males let me go up there or someone like um... Let's see stone cold steve austin then you'll see the uncomfortableness

  • Anne  6 months ago

    Takes an insanely masculine man to pull off pigtails and flowers.

  • Canais Young  1 months ago

    The flowers are a lei. He's Hawaiian and wears it on his sleeve (or around his neck, in this case).

  • duhneesy  6 months ago

    with pigtails and pink ribbons and still the manliest man ever.

  • lo pan  4 months ago

    they always wear skirt that's islander people the like of samoan tongan Hawaiian @John Smith

  • mumbal33  6 months ago

    Never mind being the ONLY man on earth who can carry off the man-bun with swagger, he now somehow manages to make pig-tails sexy!! NOBODY could do that other than Jason, lol. Also very nice to see him rested and energetic. I'll bet the travelling, all those interviews on the tour, same question over and over, must get so tiring.

  • Brianna C  6 days ago

    No roman reigns can to.

  • Raul martinez  2 months ago

    Mentally ill

  • Manarul Ilmi  5 months ago

    when you trying to look ugly..... but fail

  • k iwi  1 months ago

    *can't relate*

  • 😂👍

  • manel manel  6 months ago

    He smiles with his eyes that's so cute

  • Francesca Lever  5 months ago

    Hes the male version of Emilia Clarke. No wonder they are friends!

  • amsterdamsel  5 months ago


  • COLTON  6 months ago


  • AliasFox  2 months ago

    Lmao look at these triggered weaklings 😂 So fragile haha

  • COLTON  3 months ago

    And thank you guys for the supports, and for the triggered male above y'all proved my point haha fragile at it finest

  • Sheri  6 months ago

    I want Jason and Dwayne Johnson in a movie.

  • Brianna C  6 days ago

    Add roman reigns in and they would need to give the women a drool bucket at the theater.

  • Daniel Bagdasaryan  1 months ago

    He was actually supposed to be in the new Hobbs & Shaw movie as one of DJ's brothers, but because of the schedules it didn't work out. Which is a shame because that would be epic

  • Irish Reule  6 months ago

    A shoutout for Momma Momoa for raising such a humble big hearted kind caring respectful gentleman. He is so secure in who he is, its refreshing. Plus "poly" people are the kindest nicest people you will ever meet. Thank You Momma and Jason...

  • Irish Reule  1 months ago

    @William Puakahuhua go for it william!

  • Irish Reule  1 months ago

    @Deba Dev thank you!!

  • Angela  6 months ago

    He....reminds me of one of the huge, manly Powderpuff girls.

  • QTee  2 months ago

    Well PowerPuff girls do kick ass

  • QTee  2 months ago