Kacey Musgraves "There's A Person There"

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, May 18, 2011


  • mamasophia09
    mamasophia09  5 years ago +5

    Thank you Kacey, you saved my life for sure. Soooo proud of you!!! This song still makes me cry...Rock on 'Lil Dollface. Glad you didn't have a back up plan. :)- Peace out...Wuvs ya more*

  • Grace E15
    Grace E15  3 years ago +7

    Ugh I want her to record this officially soooo bad

  • Donnie Randolph
    Donnie Randolph  5 years ago +8

    I truly love your voice more than any singer I have heard in the last 30 years.

  • Donnie Randolph
    Donnie Randolph  4 years ago +5

    I lost faith in Country music until I heard you back in 2010 in Key West~

  • Annabel den Dekker
    Annabel den Dekker  5 years ago +5

    This is such a perfect song. Kacey is so amazingly talented

  • Ashley LeBlanc Music
    Ashley LeBlanc Music  a years ago +3

    She has such a beautiful voice!!

  • ctrl alt
    ctrl alt  2 years ago +3

    Her band is very talented. They complement her perfectly.

  • Jessica Garica
    Jessica Garica  5 years ago +4

    Absolutely love this song! You are my favorite country artist, & a huge inspiration to my life. I listen to your music everyday & I have "Follow Your Arrow" tattooed on my arm. My reminder to never give up on anything & go for what I want. Thank you so much Kacey & don't stop be amazing!

  • set naing
    set naing  11 months ago +2

    Hopefully this song will be on her record or single one day

  • Blade
    Blade  a years ago +1

    Has anyone ever considered that if you had lived 1hundred years earlier or later you'd have missed Kacey Musgraves completely?

  • Suzanne Croucier
    Suzanne Croucier  5 years ago +1

    Very Moving! Great songwriter! Love everything I've heard!

  • Melody Russell
    Melody Russell  5 years ago +2

    Damn. She's got it.

  • Chelsea Church
    Chelsea Church  6 years ago

    This if for Kacey and Youtube, find a way to sell these by downloading!!!! E-music.com,
    googlemusic, ect.

  • showThegLO
    showThegLO  6 years ago +2

    When she really wails...mostly when it gets to the chorus of her songs....she sounds so much like Lee Ann Womack! Such a beautiful and fresh talent. The real deal. Just what country music needed. Thank you Kacey.

  • Annie D
    Annie D  6 years ago

    This has got to be on her next album!!! I hope!!!

  • Lilliam Soto
    Lilliam Soto  6 years ago +2

    Was sad this wasn't on her album =/

  • RoseInMisery7
    RoseInMisery7  6 years ago +3

    I thought she said this would be on her album? But it's not - whywhywhy? This is - in my opinion - one of her BEST songs ever! I love this song so much.

  • gussypoos
    gussypoos  6 years ago

    great singer songwriter hope she does go far all the way to the stars

  • Laura Paradi
    Laura Paradi  6 years ago

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  • Mana DeLyser
    Mana DeLyser  6 years ago +2

    ...and everything Kacey writes in general. She's an amazing talent. Obsessed.