The Only Chinese In The Malay Village - The Benzi Project

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  • Published on:  Monday, July 8, 2019
  • The Only Chinese In The Malay Village#TheBENZIprojectBenjamin Kheng & Hirzi Zulkiflie________________________________________________________________An entire Malay village is set to protect their one token Chinese inhabitant when the Japanese storm through their compound. STARRINGBenjamin KhengHirzi ZulkiflieJustin Faith NgFakkah FuzzSiti KhalijahAyden SngShawn WongQayyum LukmanQomarul ArifinQamarul HazinProduced by: VastcatsAssistant Producer: Diane ChenDirected by: Hirzi ZulkiflieWritten by: Hirzi ZulkiflieDirector of Photography: Hisyam Osz, Jolinna AngCamera Assistant: Haily Rahmad, Fiona WongLighting Team: Ryemie Muhaimin, Mujahid Azfar, Khairul Fadly, Ho Zhen JieSound Recordist: Wesley MeowHair and Makeup: Norehan FongPA: Yogi, Adzmi, GabrielEdited by: Hirzi Zulkiflie Music Score: Benjamin KhengColourist: Hisyam OszkidSpecial Thanks:Ms Sng from Kampong BuangkokJTCHo Zhen Jie--------------------------------------------------COMEDY WITH BITE.The BenZi Project is comedy sketch series aimed at making you laugh, then think, then cry uncontrollably in existential dread (in that order). The brainchild of Singaporean-based actors and writers Benjamin Kheng (of The Sam Willows) and Hirzi Zulkiflie (of MunahHirziOfficial), BenZi exists in the same world as mermaid frappuccinos and beer yoga, as the show no one asked for or deserves, but is going to get anyway. FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM — @thebenziprojectCONTACT US — KHENG Facebook - - @benjaminkhengTwitter - @benjaminkhengHIRZIFacebook - Instagram - @hirziofficialTwitter - @hirziofficial


  • Muhd Farhan  8 days ago

    Hirzi and Ben are the Key and Peele of Singapore

  • But they're both not half Chinese malay. Key and peele are both Mulatto

  • Yumi Kamiya  7 days ago

    was about to say the same thing!

  • derpinated  8 days ago

    2:44 every company to the lgbtq community at 12:00 am july 1st

  • Dracsh  8 hours ago

    @AmateurOtaku Gaming Thanks, I'm a 70 years old man trying to stay relevant

  • @Dracsh it's kinda easy to get actually

  • HIRZI official  8 days ago

    Which legendary team are you, P. Ramlee or Ramlee Burger?

  • IGOR thecreator  20 hours ago

    Hard choice ...but I'll go with burger P.Ramlee

  • Im hungry i need burger and watch p. Ramlee

  • sungyeol butt  yesterday

    4:57 all malay can sing?😂😂Apparently they don't hear my malay homies "singing".

  • ItzSA  8 days ago

    “Legends has it that the Malay banana is as long as.... THIS BANANA!” 🍌

  • Lol

  • LOVE BT-ASS  7 days ago

    ben's face 😂

  • Marollin Jeon  8 days ago

    "They came from behind." 😂😅🤣

  • violetnhz  8 days ago

    Classic reference

  • ch13t  8 days ago

    Azmin Ali

  • Ally Azlan  8 days ago

    I never realized i needed underlying sexual tension between ben and hirzi in my life but damn

  • gynoval  2 days ago

    That incorrectly addressed styling Thai singing moment was a cherry on top ✨

  • Misal Rana  4 days ago

    I just realised that the Japanese guys were suppose to be gay 😂

  • Llewell Tan  2 days ago

    I'm Malaysian but watching a Singaporean video yet it feels to relatable! It feels more Malaysian in this video.WANGNAMDB was a great reference to something

  • Jacky Phantom  9 hours ago

    This show kinda remind me that during the WW2 and the period where Japanese occupied Singapore and Malaysia, they were extremely discriminative against the local Chinese. Even now Japanese still doesn't like Chinese much.