England Celebrates: scenes outside Lord's after historic victory

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 14, 2019
  • England's men have tonight won the World Cup for the first ever time and explained their nerves during the final moments.

    The teams couldn't be separated in the 50 over final so a super over was required where both sides faced an extra 6 balls.

    These fans spoke to Sky News on the atmosphere inside the ground and what an occasion it was.


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  • Mark Legend
    Mark Legend  4 months ago +1

    Indians are attention loving nutjobs. They pushed away all the England fans away to have their ugly faces on camera.

  • Anthony 1965
    Anthony 1965  4 months ago

    Cricket is crap

  • Suresh Mdev Hyderabad

    The way she said hello, reminded me Karl Rock 😂

  • Bobby Han
    Bobby Han  4 months ago

    If England becomes more open-minded, more Indians would go to national cricket team and more Chinese would go to national table tennis team😂

  • David Barnett
    David Barnett  4 months ago

    By Jove! That's cricket, ol' man!

  • Lord Cow-Tart Bungleturd
    Lord Cow-Tart Bungleturd  4 months ago +1

    England got very lucky methinks!

  • AL ROOH 005
    AL ROOH 005  4 months ago

    To The England Cricket Team
    Wow bare bare Happy with my Bro's!!!
    Is going Number 10,please give Salam to my Aunty Tressa May
    Iz Bare love my Bro's.

    Your Bro
    Al Ruh

  • Greenpoloboy3
    Greenpoloboy3  4 months ago

    Quite racist England winning.

  • sugreev2001
    sugreev2001  4 months ago

    These people are gonna stay on and claim asylum, despite South Asia being safe and sound. And traitorous terrorists like Sajid Khan are gonna rally them getting it. White Europeans need to stand up for their Countries and it’s culture and not give into the leftist brigade.

  • sugreev2001
    sugreev2001  4 months ago

    Are there any real English people left in the country?

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo  4 months ago

    Diversity is our strength.
    Or is it unity ?

  • Sheeple are Lame
    Sheeple are Lame  4 months ago

    This will distract from SKY NEWS covering up for <<< WESTMONSTER

  • Huawei Pro
    Huawei Pro  4 months ago

    Indians scammers😀

  • Streets Is A Myth
    Streets Is A Myth  4 months ago +3

    The Indians pre booked tickets thinking they would make the final, but good to see them supporting England. Real cricket fans

  • Ashu Cook
    Ashu Cook  4 months ago +5

    Congratulations England
    I'm Indian but my heart is England

  • Jason Devon
    Jason Devon  4 months ago +2

    Good job, England!

  • PhreshFunk
    PhreshFunk  4 months ago

    When the people who get interviewed are only there just because they got to the final

  • Akash Agrawal
    Akash Agrawal  4 months ago


  • 7/11 inside job
    7/11 inside job  4 months ago

    Good on Sky to keep the focus on the only white people there. These Indians need to know their place. Having it both ways in not a option.

  • Cardboard Boy
    Cardboard Boy  5 months ago +4

    0:48 tharak chehra dekho peeche...🤣🤣🤣