Dean Ambrose and his personal SWAT team subdue Seth Rollins: Raw, Dec. 3, 2018



  • Dipali Sarkar
    Dipali Sarkar  seconds ago


  • Riyaz Ahmad
    Riyaz Ahmad  an hour ago

    with out Roman Reigns Shield is nothing

  • Alex w
    Alex w  an hour ago

    Since when was dean Ambrose scared of germs his hair used to be greasy enough

  • The Wrestler
    The Wrestler  an hour ago

    0:18 I'm 99.9 percent positive that's Cedric Alexander.

  • MohaMett Justin Chanel
    MohaMett Justin Chanel  an hour ago +1

    Pubg time For dean ambrose😂😂😂😂

  • Borz Albert
    Borz Albert  an hour ago

    Now Dean is running away from Seth? Lmao

  • Jason Youngblood
    Jason Youngblood  5 hours ago

    Is that Cedric Alexander 0:18

  • Royal Surya
    Royal Surya  6 hours ago

    Chutiya ho gya hai dean 😀😀

  • Stay humble Stay hungry

    WWE should replace writers with 4th graders

  • HeinzNattamas
    HeinzNattamas  7 hours ago

    I was gone for 3 months and the Shield is already broken up again.

  • Junior Etuale
    Junior Etuale  9 hours ago

    Guys Roman reigns will be the special guest referre

  • Jason Busch
    Jason Busch  15 hours ago

    This whole segment would have been so much better if dean wasn't wearing the mask

  • Dr.Edward richtofen
    Dr.Edward richtofen  16 hours ago +1

    Why does Dean Ambrose always win

  • Florin Herlea
    Florin Herlea  17 hours ago

    the villans in WWE have zero motivation they are bad guys because the stupid script says so especially The Riott Squad also Nia Jax ,Tamina,Dana Brooke also Dean Ambrose

  • Tamera Sterling
    Tamera Sterling  17 hours ago

    dang did w We use local competitors for the swat

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  • azaeuzer 507
    azaeuzer 507  19 hours ago

    the team of dean ambrose make me remember nexus team ^_^

  • Jamiir Laroda
    Jamiir Laroda  19 hours ago

    Dean is trash he lost like hundreds of matches Seth Rollins is better than dean

  • lamborgini YT
    lamborgini YT  20 hours ago

    I hate dean Ambrose

  • Random Song edits
    Random Song edits  20 hours ago

    they legit remade the seth rollins turning heel to dean