Wedding Planners Share Their Horror Stories

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  • Published on:  Sunday, June 23, 2019
  • "I hate lavender flowers!"

    Distribution Notes: Leora Soleymani

    Katie Hall Goodman

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    Katie Hall Goodman
    Leora Soleymani


  • Tasheea Rose
    Tasheea Rose  2 hours ago

    Please do another video like this As/Is

  • D B
    D B  3 hours ago

    The editing of this video is phenomenal. Kudos

  • Unicorn Universe 2
    Unicorn Universe 2  11 hours ago


  • Ropsana Khanom
    Ropsana Khanom  yesterday

    The violent mother in law and the high drivers should have been arrested like come on, it’s a wet winding road you’re responsible for 100+ lives and being high is a good idea

  • Aoichu *
    Aoichu *  2 days ago


  • Eseercam
    Eseercam  2 days ago

    Oh Damn! That 1st one was a Groomzilla!!!!

  • Everyday Happenings

    “Can yu please not do that” 😂😂😂

  • Dark Rose15
    Dark Rose15  3 days ago

    Lavendar doesn't mean good things? What? Lol. Isn't is supposed to be a calming and tranquil flower?

  • Elyca
    Elyca  3 days ago +1

    Hearing those stories, I feel so lucky with how my wedding went this summer XD. It was simple but fun, and everything went fine, no significant problem what so ever and if small problems happenned, we couldn't have care less xD

  • Daisy Pacheco
    Daisy Pacheco  4 days ago

    The lavender hating mother in law sounds like my boyfriends mom and I’ll be damned if she changes my flowers.

  • KhoPhi
    KhoPhi  6 days ago

    Next, horror stories from wedding photographers

  • Mrs. Crocodile
    Mrs. Crocodile  6 days ago +1

    I’m, not even halfway and I can’t stand these women. Leora speaks like a stupid valley girl and the other one helped a woman to get away with assaulting someone. I don’t care if it’s a wedding, that’s a crime! She cared about her own business more than the safety of staff.

  • Kate Rose
    Kate Rose  7 days ago +1

    And I thought the bride were the ones who would freak out shows what I know

  • Cynthia Padilla
    Cynthia Padilla  7 days ago

    Was the lavender hating lady named Karen... Ahhaah I'm joking.
    But yeah the bride was completely right, it's her wedding. It's what she chose. Her mom was out of line.

  • Breanna
    Breanna  7 days ago +1

    Do nurse horror stories. I've been a nurse for only a year and have about a 1000 of them XD

  • Kelsey Taylor
    Kelsey Taylor  7 days ago +1

    Wedding planners are the real mvp

  • fatimah anwaar
    fatimah anwaar  7 days ago

    I like Lavender flowers besides Jasmine or Motia (a flower that blooms during the evening)

  • JT Comedy
    JT Comedy  7 days ago

    6:53 😂😂😂

  • Colleen Cox
    Colleen Cox  7 days ago +1

    Maybe pick up the right suit at the tailor instead of buying a whole new one...? 🤔

  • because i am what SICKENING

    the one in yellow looks like derrick barry from rupaul’s drag race lmao