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  • Published on:  Friday, August 3, 2018
  • NEW Line just Dropped!! -- http://www.tfoxbrand.comCheck out Sonny's channel: DONE! THE NEW BACKYARD ADDITION!! Sonny absolutely killed it! Make sure you check out his channel. LINK IS UP THERE ^^ Today I finally get to reveal the brand new pit bike track and dirt scooter jumps that are in my backyard. Im so hyped... except one problem I didnt own a pit bike. So we had to go get one. After that we sesh the new track for a while and get some insane shots. Hannah wanted to try it out... didnt end to well!Alright... what else do we need to add to the back yard? Let me know in the comments down below. CAMERA GEAR: Sony a7S II 16-35mm Lense Microphone Card G7 X Mark II Signature Scooter Wheels! ME ON INSTAGRAM! - - - tannerfoxxBUSINESS - song!


  • Mod e1  11 months ago

    Tanner And Hannah would be cute couple like if you agree :Dand you can make zip line across the backyard

  • Axel Hg  11 months ago

    Tanner ugly as hell tbh

  • .  11 months ago

    Tanner: "Lot off dirt on your but" Me:😂😂

  • Asher Hoodis  11 months ago


  • SOBLUIS  11 months ago

    You guys should get a pond somewhere in the backyard n put some fish in their

  • Yeah  10 months ago

    SOBLUIS not enough room for that

  • Ronnie Nevarez  11 months ago

    SOBLUIS yessss

  • Chance Hampton  11 months ago

    Pull the dirt scooter behind the pit bike. Like so he can see this!

  • Tiger Lily  11 months ago

    Tanner it looks like u and Hana r date tell the true to the to the Subscribers

  • Mystical Nuke  10 days ago

    Woah, it's the rare language of Le 4 year old

  • Yeah  10 months ago

    What kinda English is that

  • Souless Solace  11 months ago

    Make a zipline! Like if you agree

  • FatKids TickleMe  11 months ago

    Rip the grom around the track

  • shadows  11 months ago

    it’s not female friendly . 😂 TRACK IS FOR THE MEN

  • Mogul Vlogs  11 months ago

    Invite DANNY DUNCAN to the TFOX HOUSE & Have a Pit Bike race

  • Koedi White  11 months ago

    best idea

  • PriMZ  11 months ago

    You can improve some jumps👍🏻🔥