Patriots need more from Tom Brady in playoff game vs. Chargers – Max Kellerman | First Take

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  • Published on:  Thursday, January 10, 2019
  • Stephen A. Smith of First Take explains that the key for the New England Patriots in their 2018 AFC divisional playoff game vs. the Los Angeles Chargers is the production of Sony Michel, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman. Max Kellerman says there is less pressure on Tom Brady’s shoulders, but thinks the Patriots are going to need more from him. Tedy Bruschi says that in order for the Patriots to set the tempo, they need to establish their run game and the outcome will come down to who plays better between Brady and Philip Rivers.

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  • Ben Connelly  (Jan 13, 2019))

    This didn't age well

  • ichytittieboe 24  (Jan 10, 2019))

    Love how Teddy doesn't even acknowledge Max existence😂😂😂

  • Shawn Valverde  (Feb 2, 2019))

    ichytittieboe 24 lol facts

  • Bruce Nunes  (Jan 13, 2019))

    Neither do I

  • Murray Webb  (Jan 10, 2019))

    I’m a Chargers fan, a Rivs fan, but Max....stop. Just stop. Brady is still the GOAT until proven otherwise. Go Bolts!

  • Gus Goose  (Jan 16, 2019))

    That was a classy thing to say Murray. The Pats ARE going to win... but you my friend have CLASS.May the better team win.Cheers.

  • Glenn Anderson  (Jan 16, 2019))

    Pats fan. respect is not something Max understands.

  • Max Kellerman Is The Biggest Tom Brady Hater. Brady Is 41 Years Old And Keeps on playing at a high Level. Tom Brady concluded the season by Passing for 250 Yards 4 TD's and 0 Interceptions against The New York Jets.He finished the year with 4,355 Yards29 TD's11 Interceptions66% Completion98.0 Passer RatingThe Oldest QB in NFL History to pass for 25+ TD's And 4,000 Yards in a season.He keeps beating the odds proving time and time again that he is a rare specimen.

  • Mate1212 Joh  (Feb 19, 2019))

    +salvatore Gamberi yo mama

  • Mate1212 Joh  (Feb 19, 2019))

    +john marcey yo moma

  • Papi Shampoo  (Jan 13, 2019))

    its the 3rd quarter and the pats are up 38-7 right now😂

  • PatsDynasty  (Jan 10, 2019))

    Tom Brady literally finished this season with better numbers than Peyton’s 2008 mvp season 😂😂 max do the world a favor and jump off a cliff

  • TERRAH VISION  (Jan 14, 2019))

    Max is a CLOWN.

  • Love My FurrKids  (Jan 11, 2019))

    Literally.I hate Kellerman.I wish he would jump off a cliff.

  • Shane Abdool  (Jan 10, 2019))

    Did brady screw around with max's girl geez.hard to see a big man hate on a next one because of his success so sad. Rather skip anyday

  • AKORA RICHARD  (Jan 13, 2019))

    man In deed I agree. but when you become successful. not everyone is happy for you .

  • Skip Bayless  (Jan 10, 2019))

    Brady it at his best when the pressure it at its highest, reasons he’s the GOAT

  • 123abc  (Jan 16, 2019))

    Brandon Servino - Agreed!

  • Brandon Servino  (Jan 16, 2019))

    +123abc Yeah, they started out fast, were highly efficient, great blocking, Brady did his thing, Michel looked like a beast. They looked like a power running team with some short to medium passes. They looked more like the early 2000s patriots more than any other offense under Brady. AFC Championship game's gonna be tough, but should be a good one

  • Los  (Jan 10, 2019))

    Max talking about tom brady is so sad to watch

  • Tom Smith  (Jan 10, 2019))

    No other QB in the history of the game would have been able to lead this squad of Patriot scrubs to a #2 seed. I've never seen a QB carry a team the way Brady can carry a team. This is his most impressive year

  • Tom Smith  (Jan 14, 2019))

    +Kingstyles05 You do realize that quarterbacking is like 75% mental & 25% physical right? There are hundreds of QBs who played the game who have more athletic talent than Brady, but that's what makes his accomplishment even more amazing. Did you just watch him shred the Chargers for 340 yards to win his 28th playoff game? That's insane! Now tell me, what other athlete in any sport has dominated his position for 19 years like Brady has? TB has cemented himself as the greatest NFL player to ever step...