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  • Published on:  Saturday, July 21, 2018
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  • FBE
    FBE  a years ago +113

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  • BamaSam777
    BamaSam777  a years ago +739

    Alright so my dad is turning 50 and he is adopted. He has been searching for his parents for his whole life, probably 40 years. He tried ancestry a couple years ago and he found his dad. Turns out he never knew about his lost son because it was a one night thing. Crazy thing is he is still friends with the mom's brother so he also found his mom. Crazy I got 4 new grandparents lol.

  • Abraham Silva
    Abraham Silva  a years ago +696

    I know this is really irrelevant but... I really like Abreanna's shirt.

  • Marc Fulgencio
    Marc Fulgencio  a years ago +338

    >just meeting your long-lost siblings after being adopted at birth
    >immediately start roasting

  • HarrietTwelveThree
    HarrietTwelveThree  a years ago +314

    I know this isn't important considering how emotional the video is but...anyone know where Albreana's top is from?

  • toxigenic
    toxigenic  a years ago +187

    Albreanna should pitch her non profit as a show to MTV. I can see this being very popular - sort of like the Catfish series.

  • Scooby Don’t
    Scooby Don’t  a years ago +100

    13:34 who else would love to know a bit about her story? It sounds like a lot :(

  • mazyellow28
    mazyellow28  a years ago +227

    Speaking as an adoptee myself, please don't use the term 'real mum', 'real dad', 'real parents' etc. It's disrespectful to our adoptive parents who were the people who raised and cared for us, who we consider our 'real parents' even if we're not blood related. A better way to refer to them would be 'biological' or 'birth' mother/father/parent.
    Apart from that, very happy for Albreeana and glad that her story had a happy ending :)

  • Danny Stephens
    Danny Stephens  a years ago +109

    I was adopted at birth and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love my family and the life I have. The point, I disagree that it’s sad to be adopted at birth.

  • Jimin's Pinky Finger
    Jimin's Pinky Finger  a years ago +111

    Can she be on more episodes? 😍😭

  • Blossom데이지
    Blossom데이지  a years ago +75

    8:39 "but did she spell it correctly?" 😂

  • Ruth Rose
    Ruth Rose  a years ago +69

    I love Ancestry DNA. Im adopted as well. I found my full biological brother through Ancestry DNA. I was taken at 14 months. He was taken at birth. We haven't met yet. Hopefully soon.

  • Chinelo Ekezie
    Chinelo Ekezie  a years ago +53

    When that Lil boy said"but did she spell it correctly" that got me 😂😂😂. I was thinking d same.

  • Keep Up With Annabelle
    Keep Up With Annabelle  a years ago +141

    This was so emotional for me😭😭❤im so glad albreanna found her family!!!

  • Tyrone Escat
    Tyrone Escat  a years ago +46

    can we have her as a regular reactor on fbe

  • salted
    salted  a years ago +65

    "Hi sister"
    James Charles who?

  • VaterraAlpha
    VaterraAlpha  a years ago +73

    It took me a while to figure out that she (the girl reacting) was her.

  • grandma bug
    grandma bug  a years ago +28

    I was adopted at birth as well and recently discovered who my real mom is :)

  • ·Akörn·
    ·Akörn·  a years ago +22

    She's super pretty(in my op) and I respect her decision to help others after she found her family. It's amazing that she connected with her family.

  • Eli Bell
    Eli Bell  a years ago +23

    This kinda reminds me of the two guys that were friends for 60 years and found out they were brothers.