nostalgia / work and chill lofi playlist

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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • #lofi #playlist #study

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    The Deli



    in love with a ghost


    → → →/jazzinuf/

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    Lazy Lewis

    lil que


    Eddie Rohosy


  • 130mood
    130mood  a years ago +3090

    1. 0:00 5:32 PM - The Deli
    2. 2:12 two of us – dizralph.c
    3. 4:10 Pleasant – Engelwood
    4. 6:38 be your girl – eugene cam
    5. 9:41 flowers- in love with a ghost, ft nori
    6. 13:44 dreaming about you - Jazzinuf
    7. 16:51 egyptian pools - jinsang
    8. 19:02 Summer’s Day [v2] - jinsang
    9. 21:56 Dancing Days – Lazy Lewis
    10. 23:07 paradise shawty – lil que
    11. 24:58 lake.serene – Altitude.
    12. 28:10 Night Ride - Eddie Rohosy

  • 헤이든
    헤이든  4 hours ago

    13:44 미쳤다..❤️

  • Unicornia 8188
    Unicornia 8188  4 hours ago

    This is the most non-toxic comment section I’ve ever seen,
    Y’all are so nice 🤧🤧

  • Samantha Whyte
    Samantha Whyte  5 hours ago +1

    Just a quick question..

    How many balls does she rlly need and what for??

  • ariana x
    ariana x  7 hours ago

    for once i don’t feel like an outcast in the comments😭

  • Ruben Stroeken
    Ruben Stroeken  13 hours ago

    32:35 for no ad and 0:01 for starting

  • WolfEX /Hazard
    WolfEX /Hazard  yesterday +1

    Please select which emotion you feel most strongly while listening: A) Happiness, B) Sadness, C) Inspiration, D) Love, E) All of the above <3

  • nynaeve75
    nynaeve75  yesterday

    This week I:

    accidentally stole a pizza
    got lost in my own neighborhood
    broke my friend's plate
    broke my favorite mug
    and set my favorite skirt on fire.

    Fuck it, time to listen to some lo-fi.

  • Zuckx66
    Zuckx66  yesterday

  • John McMillen
    John McMillen  yesterday

    @13:44 Dreaming about you tonight with smooth piano and the gentle rain falling~~

  • •Gåchå Emmå Stůdiõ•

    Free copyright ??

  • Veemo *
    Veemo *  yesterday

    So i'm here because I feel lonely, I can't get a partner and I don't even know where to start or what gender to go after, any tips? (am early teens girl)

  • Ryan Isaac
    Ryan Isaac  yesterday

    only problem is that it's always a white girl

  • TheBig RedSky
    TheBig RedSky  yesterday

    19:02 NINKENDO?

  • ipotatosenpai
    ipotatosenpai  yesterday

    Where are the animations from

  • 뭐먹지
    뭐먹지  yesterday

    13:44 ♥️💖🧸

  • Trịnh Ly
    Trịnh Ly  2 days ago

    I listen this list everyday :)) thanks so much!

  • Dear Em
    Dear Em  2 days ago +1

    hey I may not know you, but to you who's reading. here's my list of how I become positive. ♡ hope this helps if you're sad.

    an start ♡
    just know that we all love you. we may not know you. you have your ups and downs. you may be in trouble while hearing this. if you are, be honest. if you aren't. keep peace. if you've been a 'terrible person' make a mini change. just make sure you say sorry. please.♡

    confidence or love ♡
    love yourself. you may not be what you wanted, but I know that someone in this world want just what you are.♡ please keep looking for someone that love you, and you love them. you will always find love. even if it's not someone you've seen, talked to, or if they're 1000 miles away. if some people seem rude, take it as a compliment for even bothering to talk to you, spend seconds of their life on you. ♡

    be grateful ♡
    you may not have everyone you wanted, but at least, know that someone is thinking of you. they've seen your face. maybe you may think you're lonely forever, but don't worry. if you feel really bad right now, comment on this comment, and I'll reply. we can even end up being friends. ♡

    find something to make you happy. ♡
    if you don't like people, maybe find some music for you, that get your moods up. if you feel like you have nothing, and maybe someone betrayed you, find someone else. everything goes up after down. everything seems hard at the start. everything will be okay at the end, and if it's not okay, then you're not at the end yet. ♡

    dreams and goals ♡
    always find your dreams and goals. accomplish them, but at your own speed. if people try to ruin your dreams or goals, then think how great a feeling you'll have when you've done it. you've done it all because of positivity, and love. the feeling of imagining is way better than thinking you'll never have it. ♡

    hey, and if you're still reading, please remember me. I hope I helped you, even if you're going through hard times. ♡ 

    I love u. ♡

  • Magical Leafeon
    Magical Leafeon  2 days ago

    i love this so much <3

  • Simon Diaz
    Simon Diaz  3 days ago +1

    i feel terrible. Like, i wanna die and tried it twice