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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 4, 2018
  • Ever since the video of a black-clad anarchist punching white supremacist leader Richard Spencer went viral on the day of Donald Trump's inauguration, the loosely-knit anti-fascist movement known as Antifa has gained new popularity and scrutiny in the United States.

    Antifa is a fringe movement, a loose collection of organisations and ideas with no party line and no formal leadership, but their fight against the far right has found centre stage in the polarised climate of Trump's America.
    "When the fascists stick their head out of the ground, and say, 'we're going to be here on this day, to march in support of our white greatness', that's gross. And that's when people organise, get together, and bash the fash," says a medic who tends to the wounded at street protests.

    The first year of Trump's presidency saw an increase in hate crimes and racist violence, and Antifa has often responded to that threat with violence of their own.

    The rise of violent conflict across the country "is not surprising when we have a president who openly talks about beating people up and is fanning the flames of hatred and division," says Jesse Arreguin, the mayor of Berkeley, California. His city has seen a number of clashes between Antifa and right wing activists.

    Fault Lines travelled to Berkeley, Portland, and Seattle, to get a rare glimpse behind the mask of Antifa - whose activists are determined to fight the rise of white supremacist groups in the US by any means.

    And while Antifa's unique brand of resistance has lent the movement new fame, their high-profile acts of political violence and controversial street tactics to counter hate crimes present strategic dilemmas for the left.

    "Punching people in the face or advocating censorship or the abolition of free speech is a very dangerous road to begin to walk down," says Chris Hedges, who has written multiple essays criticising Antifa and believes that the real fight is not with fringe groups but with corporate and government forces. "It's always the left that pays."

    "We have very dark, sinister, totalitarian forces that are snuffing out the last vestiges of American democracy. And we better revolt, we better respond. Carrying out these kinds of street confrontations, plays right into the hands of these centres of power," says Hedges.

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  • amrit bansal
    amrit bansal  a years ago +201

    I am torn between Chris hedges and Natasha's opinion. Both seem right in their own ways. Violence will not be helpful for the LEFT - We need to be outspoken and confronting but violence has to be the VERY VERY last option...........
    Thanks Al Jazeera for this wonderful presentation....

  • Fiasco Don
    Fiasco Don  6 hours ago


  • Joshua Williams
    Joshua Williams  16 hours ago +1

    Antifa are pro anarchist.They Anyone agree?

    MONK BEAR  yesterday

    These fools are fake, who's paying these twinkies. Pretty clear these are astroturf agents provocateur. The feds would never allow this. The police would never allow them to get away with this nonsense.
    "By deception thou shalt do war" they play both sides don't fall for it.

  • Tiger N_I_F_R Imeri

    and a racist like gibson crying over violance from Antifa is really funny...it had made me laugh real hard...now we give racists a voice and let them go into the victim position...wow GIBSON...WOOOOW...POOOOR RACIST BABY BOYYYY

  • Tiger N_I_F_R Imeri

    hahaha...ok...the one who said "democracy at risk" because of those who fight racism...is funny...he never said that about racists...

  • Bradley Pedreira
    Bradley Pedreira  2 days ago

    Kill antifa...!

  • B. K.
    B. K.  2 days ago

    10:39 literally proving ANTIFA are just mental and want to abuse people they don't like

  • Spencer Jones
    Spencer Jones  2 days ago

    Lol antifa! Such dumb idiots ! There the real communists!

  • T V
    T V  4 days ago

    Extreme leftism is a mental disorder. There is no defending these psychos

  • thespACEchannel
    thespACEchannel  7 days ago

    Just more whiny, entitled, privileged millenials with no jobs and too much time on their hands.

  • thespACEchannel
    thespACEchannel  7 days ago

    ANYONE hiding behind a mask, is not proud and afraid to show their TRUE FACE!

  • NaeMuckle
    NaeMuckle  7 days ago

    I've never been to America but I imagine it's find these people in a comic book store or some sort of vegan coffee house.

  • Curtis Wayne
    Curtis Wayne  7 days ago

    The Nazis killed all the Fascists during world war 2 and the Communists killed Mussolini so yeah Antifa are the new Fascists.

  • moparmon
    moparmon  7 days ago

    All white people are racist, except white trans antifa members. - antifa

  • Simon Morton
    Simon Morton  7 days ago

    Try this in the UK and see what you get,..... Arrested.

  • Чебуратор гена

    Ахахахаха ебать опасные

  • Brian Allan
    Brian Allan  14 days ago

    Hate crimes have risen during Trump because everything is called a hate crime. Antifa may be the dumbest of the leftist, movement effectively turning centrists against the left. Way to guarantee Trump's 2020 victory you Antifa jackasses.

  • Joe Gionti
    Joe Gionti  14 days ago +1

    It doesn't seem like the fight tactics being taught in the beginning are very effective since every time I watch antifa videos - they are always getting beat up.