iPhone 11 Pro review: the BEST camera on a phone

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, September 17, 2019
  • Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max have the best cameras on a phone; a huge improvement in battery life; bright, beautiful displays; and they come in midnight green. These are some of the most well-balanced, most capable phones Apple — or anyone — has ever made. But starting at $999, they’ll cost you. Here's the review of our midnight green unit.

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  • The Verge
    The Verge  28 days ago +1306

    Would you spend more for a better phone camera?

  • ViLmar RamoS
    ViLmar RamoS  6 hours ago

    O tamanho desse notch chega a ser ridículo.

  • Shawn Elliott
    Shawn Elliott  14 hours ago

    I wonder how many cameras we'll be rocking in 5 years lol

  • Twisted Melody
    Twisted Melody  17 hours ago

    Y’know, eventually the entire back of phones are just gona be nothing but cameras. Or one big camera lol.

    GSW NBA CHAMPS  yesterday

    Interesting. My Xs Max is nowhere near that bad.

  • Fenc Rohas
    Fenc Rohas  yesterday

    It's an absolute beast of a phone and the camera is the best I've ever seen.

    ORTHODOX ISLAM  2 days ago

    Which one would u say I should buy

  • Ashley Aldred
    Ashley Aldred  3 days ago


  • Peach Purple
    Peach Purple  4 days ago

    Best intro 00:53

  • Mitchell Mckenzie
    Mitchell Mckenzie  4 days ago +1

    Read a lot of complaints the screen scratches easily that is disturbing have you read that

  • Fahad S
    Fahad S  5 days ago

    Despite not liking the reviewer, the review itself was good

  • allemander
    allemander  5 days ago

    Why the 5K+ thumbs down votes on this fantastically produced, concise & informative video is beyond me.
    Wtf, people?

  • Jagger Screeton
    Jagger Screeton  5 days ago

    Pizza time

  • J Gambler
    J Gambler  6 days ago +1

    Slightly better than the pixel in some places, which is a year old..

  • Aminul Islam
    Aminul Islam  6 days ago


  • shumail khan
    shumail khan  6 days ago

    Its hideous tbh

  • pshyeah1128
    pshyeah1128  6 days ago

    Nice pound of make up on her face 👍🏻

  • Cass Stich
    Cass Stich  7 days ago

    Better camera than the huawei. P 30 pro?

  • herohunter81
    herohunter81  7 days ago

    Don’t go by the 4-5 hour battery increase their apple described. Those phones were doing specific things and at 50% brightness. Everyones use will differ and so will the results. The battery seems better to me but not drastic. I watch videos ally at full brightness so my phone is getting heavily used.

  • Martin Stigemalm
    Martin Stigemalm  7 days ago

    Just gbfbdbdbf