Mini Car Jumper Test and Review - Can it start 100% dead car??

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 30, 2018
  • Received this unit to review and test. I didnt have any dead cars to jump, so disconnecting the battery to have a 100% dead car is a great test. If this works out well i might have to get another one for myself and maybe some for my family presents haha.Right now Audew is having a 20% sale, original price is $89 on amazon. Link bellow and discount code bellow if you would like to buy one. My Garage Products: Battery Jumper: You can check out @All_About_Hoodies on instagram for what he has, or check out his website for more options.


  • FixItNick  6 months ago

    My Garage Products: Battery Jumper:

  • Great video bro pretty impressed really want to see it jump the 7.3 turbo diesel

  • FixItNick  7 months ago

    That video is up, no joy :( but I’m wondering if it would jump it with newer starter with better turn over ratio, hmmm might be interesting to try

  • Omg your standing directly in front of the camera bro nice to see your face brother nice to see the face to the voice

  • FixItNick  7 months ago

    Lol thx man, I guess you haven’t seen my older vids? I did more in front cam vids but I find it not so interesting for viewers, I think it’s more to just talk and do stuff and get to interesting stuff ASAP haha

  • dennis leinart  7 months ago

    Flawed test. All you did was bridge the neg gap. A true test would be to disconnect both positive and negative battery leads and connect jumper to both and delete battery. You did not show battery condition on any of them before testing and im guessing all 3 were fully charged.

  • FixItNick  7 months ago

    I can see why you would think that, but no there is no bridging of the battery and battery didn’t provide at power to assist with the jump, so basically the jumper did 100% of the work

  • Do a higher price to lower price from the winners

  • FixItNick  7 months ago

    Good idea, that’s what I’ll do :)

  • Sandra Carter  5 months ago

    This thing works great I watched unwrecked and bought one after his review

  • FixItNick  5 months ago

    I got 4 of them lol good stuff

  • Your subscribers exploded

  • FixItNick  7 months ago

    It’s a blessing I’m not gonna lie

  • Mohamad _y  7 months ago

    That explorer looks sexy but the Silverado 🤤

  • FixItNick  7 months ago

    Lol thx bro, will post Silverado little video project in a day or 2 :)

  • NewBeRVer  7 months ago

    Good stuff as always! I really like the hoodie!! Oh, progress on Eleanor?

  • FixItNick  7 months ago

    Thx bro, have to finish up few other things and clean uP garage before I can continue on, but once I’m on a roll I’ll keep them coming :)

  • Colin Blankenship  7 months ago

    keep up the good video's

  • FixItNick  7 months ago

    Thx bro will do