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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
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    Here we go for another instalment of the Fortnite series with Season just around the corner! BE sure to subscribe for much more amazing content!

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  • Platinum Beast
    Platinum Beast  1 months ago

    5:50 full screen hud on the left lol

  • King.Lopez 187
    King.Lopez 187  1 months ago

    Another channel I still got to catch up on the episodes on this one little lizard the noob Channel not and now little kelly what’s next the leviathans channel 😂

  • henri boss
    henri boss  1 months ago

    Cv vvZXX

  • Carletta Cheeseboro
    Carletta Cheeseboro  1 months ago


  • Michele Webber
    Michele Webber  1 months ago

    I have a dad joke of my own
    Do you know the joke where all the idiots say no?

  • Zavier&Deshana Josey

    Byson 😂😂

    MY MEDIA  1 months ago

    I’ll give u credit for irs fine

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller  1 months ago

    I love your channel tale little Kelly I Andy hi.

  • Miguel Reyes
    Miguel Reyes  1 months ago

    Is it me or is leviathin your fav

  • Cameron Traer
    Cameron Traer  1 months ago

    8:22 WHAT KINDA ROBOT MAKES THAT NOISE?! Omega you okay mah boi?

  • Cameron Traer
    Cameron Traer  1 months ago

    wait a minute.... did wick just say....DAD JOKES?! oh man I GOTTA see this!!!

  • neon glow
    neon glow  2 months ago

    Hi raptor

  • Alan_Walker Big_Fan
    Alan_Walker Big_Fan  2 months ago

    Why kelly has no vid

  • Anthony Plays
    Anthony Plays  2 months ago

    Omega lol basically the dad jokes are funny but omega really

  • Nathanial Wijas
    Nathanial Wijas  2 months ago

    I love omegas laugh

  • devan 7 11
    devan 7 11  2 months ago

    Fully hidden HUD

  • 2sbean
    2sbean  2 months ago

    at 5:51 it said fully hidden hd

  • Crystal Wolf
    Crystal Wolf  2 months ago

    Raptor gets sick please!!! You are so amazing and I think you could pull that off.

    GIRAFFE  2 months ago +1

    Hi raptor love your channel ❤️❤️

  • The Cool Shrekers
    The Cool Shrekers  2 months ago

    I bet 1 million v-bucks you won't read this...but if you do I love you guys so much keep up the great work