The hippest internet cafe of 1995

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, August 24, 2016
  • The cyber-struggle is real. Vox's Phil Edwards spoke to one of the founders of @ Cafe, an internet cafe that launched just as the internet was coming into the public eye.

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    *Correction: The artist who created the @ Cafe ad is Marc Yankus, not Mark Yancus.

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  • inigojuancarlos
    inigojuancarlos  6 days ago

    I remember how exciting it was to log online with your dial-up modem.

  • Oscar Fernández
    Oscar Fernández  7 days ago

    New York

  • lidette711
    lidette711  7 days ago

    Andrew Garfield could play him in a movie about this. :)

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann  7 days ago

    $9k for a T1 connection, lol... that is 0.18 Megabyte per second.

  • Era Estrera
    Era Estrera  7 days ago

    I remember that my mom is having a hard time to email her half-sister. She needs my help how to register. 😅

  • nimita hapsari
    nimita hapsari  14 days ago

    Di kita namanya warnet

  • Vandelay Industries

    Year 2050.05 checking in. Remember a few dot years ago it was a fuel cell charging store? It's now a Beyond Plant burger place serving real meat like back in the dot 20s.

  • Dave Otuwa
    Dave Otuwa  21 days ago

    12 St. Mark's Place is not far away from Obscura, a joint where ODDITIES, a former Science original took place.

  • AndyTHX1136
    AndyTHX1136  21 days ago

    I had no idea Craig Federighi was running an Internet cafe in the 90s.

  • sunny sunshine
    sunny sunshine  28 days ago

    It probably was klein deutschland (klein pronounced like in calvin klein ) which means small germany

  • Gany
    Gany  28 days ago

    his attitude is like an actor

  • Simone Tosti
    Simone Tosti  1 months ago

    at 2:17 there is an image of Nanni Moretti a famous italian director

  • duzi13
    duzi13  1 months ago

    Please more videos about the early days of modern internet.

  • TheDarkRay 2
    TheDarkRay 2  1 months ago

    The first guy to not be a boomer

  • CB
    CB  1 months ago +1

    The man looks much better today than he did in 1995.

  • Mayor 17
    Mayor 17  1 months ago

    Ahead of his time.

  • TitanmonZ
    TitanmonZ  1 months ago

    At 1.03 is the woman one of the Dota's caster right now??

  • don
    don  1 months ago

    If you thought explaining the internet to your grandparents was infuriating imagine having to explain it to the rest of the country

  • MrApplewine
    MrApplewine  1 months ago

    How does Glenn McGinnis think he is paying $200 a month for 75mbps in 2016 on Verizon Fios? He is paying like $80 for 1000mbps. Is he super rich or something and has no idea what things cost? If he is so into the internet then why does he have no idea what speed his internet connection is?

  • wenaldy
    wenaldy  1 months ago

    GTA IV has cafe.