iPhone 11 Pro DROP Test! Worlds Toughest Glass!

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 20, 2019
  • iPhone 11 Pro vs 11 Pro Max Drop Test! Extreme durability testing the 'Worlds Toughest Glass'.. Actually incredible results!

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    Phone Rebel cases: https://www.instagram.com/phonerebel/

    iPhone 11 vs XR Drop Test: https://cnclips.net/video/ULEulJAKfZs/video.html

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  • Alam Khan
    Alam Khan  an hour ago

    the brand took 75 k camera sample and 1st priority is customer satisfaction and highly impressed.

  • Hudu Bushiran
    Hudu Bushiran  2 hours ago

    This is damm durable 🔥🔥

  • Fordman8011
    Fordman8011  2 hours ago

    Can you do your test in a real world environment like I don't know maybe asphalt dirt gravel not everybody's gonna drop their phone directly on concrete and you're not holding it naturally you're just dropping it in a certain fashion 🤣

  • [Kazui] Kanz
    [Kazui] Kanz  2 hours ago

    Nah bro, the floor was a level 7 that’s why the phone cracked, because glass is glass and it scratches at a level 6 and deeper grooves in a level 7.

  • Abu Dzar Ahmad
    Abu Dzar Ahmad  7 hours ago

    Hi, just want to ask something. Can I know whether iphone 11 pro camera lens are sapphire or not? Because when I do research about tech specification of this model on apple website, it is not mentioned that iphone 11 pro camera lens are sapphire, can anyone explained to me?

  • Donna-Lee Peters
    Donna-Lee Peters  7 hours ago

    I feel bad....even if its great entertainment but people like you guys just destroy phones and i have a s2

  • Mahmoud elmanadily

    Well done iphone

  • april joy
    april joy  8 hours ago

    Me:can't even buy a new phone
    Them:just got in a ladder and intentionally drop a brand new phone

  • Captain Wheelies
    Captain Wheelies  9 hours ago

    A part of me died today.. rip

  • Samisai
    Samisai  11 hours ago

    Drop on one tiny pebble get cracked

  • Jordan Meaux
    Jordan Meaux  11 hours ago

    What rich people do when they’re bored

  • Drink Bleach Ok
    Drink Bleach Ok  12 hours ago

    me trying to break my phone so I can get a new one

  • Vinay Rungta
    Vinay Rungta  12 hours ago

    What you do with broken phones

  • N S
    N S  14 hours ago

    stop making me so mad im going to call the cops
    cops: 911 whats your emergency
    me calling the cops: yeah um there is this dude doing a video of breaking the iPhone 11 pro and pro max
    cops: mam we are in the apple store now and we are buying you one
    me: yesss

  • Gurung Amrita
    Gurung Amrita  15 hours ago

    Omg please don’t broken I couldn’t see full vedio broken my heart Please give me I cannot afforded to buy I phone 11 pro please reply 🤭😘🥰😍

  • Joseph J
    Joseph J  15 hours ago

    My iPhone XS glass cracked when inside a case! I don’t know how as I didn’t drop it? Not impressed with a rear glass. I hope future models don’t have glass.

  • Shahjahan Ali
    Shahjahan Ali  15 hours ago

    a new pro line for iPhone that delivers advanced performance for users who want the very best smartphone.

  • Mate Glavni
    Mate Glavni  16 hours ago

    Buy one Samsung Note1o and forget all this videos⚠️⚠️

  • Trip Gelo
    Trip Gelo  17 hours ago

    I need it because my iPhone is broken so I can watch yours videos so please

  • wolfygirlpower1 1
    wolfygirlpower1 1  17 hours ago

    Wade of money 🙄