Colin Cloud Is Sherlock Holmes on America's Got Talent | Got Talent Global

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 27, 2018
  • Watch America's best mind reader Colin Cloud on America's Got Talent 2018. Is it real magic? What did you think of his mind reading auditions and all performances?? Let us know in the comments below...

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  • 『 』
    『 』  5 hours ago

    I feel like the knife one was eh. I mean it's TRUE that he predicted the justin bieber thing but just look at the knife when he holds it. It's clearly rubber, and the blade is very noticeably different. So anyone no matter who Mel chose would have noticed the fake knife and went "oh okay I need to choose this one". Plus when he put up the black barrier he could have easily pointed to the white knife when he called the girl over. Basically saying choose this one.

    Even the girl with the dog story had a very scripted feel to it.

    Dont get me wrong he was incredible to watch but it's just that one act that kinda killed it for me.

  • Lovely Joo Won
    Lovely Joo Won  6 hours ago

    I'm!!! That is so cool!!

  • Tuberghist
    Tuberghist  9 hours ago

    He is like Jacksepticeye from another universe

  • Ethan Wayhoo
    Ethan Wayhoo  10 hours ago +1

    The people he picked out of the audiences were definitely paid actors

  • Pastato
    Pastato  15 hours ago

    13:34 how did Mel know it wasnt real? Maybe scripted

  • its entertainment
    its entertainment  15 hours ago

    okk youtube i am watching it happy

  • Pastato
    Pastato  15 hours ago

    This guy is not amazing white cat Oscar is so easy to do out of all those people at least someone would say white Oscar and cat also he could’ve just said it out loud that was so dumb

    For the coin thing was easy as well Heidi fidgets when it was right and simons left handed was more raised like he was showing him this is very easy

  • Pastato
    Pastato  15 hours ago

    This is something stupid to get mad about but Howe’s eyebrows did not raise on both yes’s only the first one

  • Shovitiano Lezend

    I mean who the hell thinks of a dog biting her butt in some part of her life while watching a show or confronting anyone talking.

  • Shovitiano Lezend

    Who on earth thinks of a childhood memory while watching live a any show. That's completely strange when I even saw Mel B thinking of whatever something else that was coming in her mind from the past that seems completely inappropriate at that timely situation.

  • URyan99
    URyan99  yesterday

    Im scared to actually face this man and all of the sudden he yells: YOU ARE THINKING OF CATS AND CHEETAHS!!

  • glorianne t
    glorianne t  yesterday +5

    he can find out ur secrets
    he’s a pro at spying ppl
    he can interpret ur body languages

    he’s an FBI agent everyone


  • glorianne t
    glorianne t  yesterday +1

    lol the other blonde girl at 10:21

  • Yourdaddy Material

    I was so focused I almost didn’t hear his voice crack 1:22

  • Mystieeeriooss Boilalu


  • captaincanes
    captaincanes  2 days ago

    Anyone else hear a baby crying at 2:37

  • ColeKaCola
    ColeKaCola  2 days ago +9

    Imagine being the guy who commented Ellen Rome cheese 😂

  • Aztec Roblox
    Aztec Roblox  2 days ago

    6:45 I WAS THINKING OF 225!

  • Shiyon Alavathil
    Shiyon Alavathil  2 days ago +1

    Those animals 😂

  • Trip Out
    Trip Out  2 days ago