Disneyland Discussion + Galaxy's Edge All Guests Opening Day Report | 06/26/19

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 26, 2019
  • In this episode, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge opens up for all guests and it wasn't as crazy as you'd expect, the new tram loading area is complete, Emotional Whirlwind is close to opening, and more!

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    New Tram Loading Area Now Open at Disneyland’s Parking Structures:

    More Details About Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind, Opening this Month at California Adventure:

    Disneyland Resort Introduces New Dole Whip Float Collectible Cup:


  • Walter Willis
    Walter Willis  4 months ago

    I preferred Soaring over California.

  • Jason
    Jason  5 months ago

    Soarin' Over California sucks! Soarin' Around the World is better in every way possible. Looks more real with the 60 FPS and no grain in the image.

  • Ashleigh Benois
    Ashleigh Benois  5 months ago

    OMG MICHAEL!!!!!!!!! please bring Michael back. I miss his wisdom

  • Annette
    Annette  5 months ago

    Great job Craig, Ryno, Tom and Morgan!

  • Nezumi Fan
    Nezumi Fan  5 months ago

    Hey all, love the show, Craig -- you're a great host. It's obvious you're a little nervous, but you're great.

    As far as the pronunciation of "Giacchino," I reflexively have to look these up; as I understand it, "gia-" in Italian is pronounced "ja" -- there's a video with the man himself at youtu.be / A9smFfcylHs (remove the spaces on either side of the slash). I know not everyone cares, but it's important to me as a gesture of respect to try one's hardest to get the name correct.

    Anyway, again, love you and Ryno and will follow you anywhere. Looking forward to many more episodes!

  • Lauren Michero
    Lauren Michero  5 months ago

    Every time I hear about the Booba whatever I keep thinking how much it sounds like Chumbawamba 😂😂

  • Galen Egdamin
    Galen Egdamin  5 months ago

    Morgan sounds like a ditzy blonde..can you guys get Luella to do what she’s doing...sometimes she says one thing and then says another thing , it doesn’t even make sense...just not too bright when she speaks..that’s my opinion, so don’t kill the messenger

  • Andrew S
    Andrew S  5 months ago +3

    I know mine is not the popular opinion but I am tapping out of the disneyland discussion. Graig is just not a host I enjoy. Without Pete the show is a rudderless ship adrift at sea. Cant handle it.

  • kelly kristine
    kelly kristine  5 months ago

    Great job Craig and team! I’m excited to see the future holds for DL show.

  • ihatescreennames89
    ihatescreennames89  5 months ago

    Coming soon: Captain Marvel Soarin'. It'll be California Soarin' with Captain Marvel CGI'ed in.

  • caisis2
    caisis2  5 months ago +1

    Great job, Craig! A couple things:
    1) I think you did wonderful as "1st time host"; AND I suggest less sarcasm, as we don't always know when you're serious and when you're not (e.g: the comment about Soarin' over CA vs. World seemed like you ACTUALLY were saying the CA version was bad until it later became obvious it was sarcasm. But that wasn't clear to me at 1st. Just a thought! And I personally hope it STAYS at least through this year, because I'll be back there in Oct. and never got to experience it!
    2) BRING BACK TYLER & KATRINA in your "bring back classic....." people!!! Don't STOP having Tom and Morgan, but bring these 2 back as additional! I miss them!

  • koopa159
    koopa159  5 months ago

    Soarin’ over California > World, any day of the week.

  • mayder 40
    mayder 40  5 months ago

    A bubo a swollen lymph node. hence bubonic plague.

  • NYBwilk
    NYBwilk  5 months ago +1

    What happened to that other couple

  • blueovalgal
    blueovalgal  5 months ago

    Been going to Disneyland before and after GE opened and we don't think the parks have been "empty"... still feel it's as crowded as before and we go often during the week and during the weekend.

  • craig rethorn
    craig rethorn  5 months ago

    They have missed as food is inconstant and lack of mercy. The crowds are not a problem at all today seemed less than the reservation period have been to both. They are short on experiences.

  • dlh1970
    dlh1970  5 months ago

    I went to Disneyland on Wed and Thurs. and the parks weren’t busy at all. Galaxy’s Edge was wide open and the lines were not bad. They are running out select merchandise though.

  • Bonnie Chiaccio
    Bonnie Chiaccio  5 months ago +2

    I wish DCA Soarin' had two concourse choices.....Old and New. Kind of like how on Mickey's Pal Around, you choose what you want. Prob never happen. Great hosting Craig! I get your humor and love the new team!!

  • John G
    John G  5 months ago

    I liked it Craig a little less stuffy, I really like Tom and the "OG's" so I am glad to hear you are having them back on again. I think you should do some Facebook polls that way you have a new topic every-week to debate. I think you should assign stories in advance to your guests so you can say hey Tom has been working on blah blah for us, Tom tell us more. ( I love Pete but he is starting to get over exposed like Ryan Seacrest, LOL) Thanks for sharing this week!

  • Christina D
    Christina D  5 months ago +1

    I enjoy Craig on vlogs and when he does food reviews but I think ryno is a better fit for the host of these shows.