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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 28, 2018
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  • IlovekimchiAnDsPrItE  6 months ago

    If your reading this I just want you to know that you are beautiful and I love you ❤️💕 goodnight!😴🌙💤 sleep tight.

  • COMMENT COP  8 hours ago

    Suck my massive bear cock

  • Isabella_ _ASMR  6 months ago

    Go to sleep if you are listening to this at night... Dream about waterfalls and lakes, mountains and hills, fire and ash, wind and flowers. May tomorrow be a better day for you. Love from Australia (QLD) <3 {edit: oh! thank you all of the likes :) }

  • Jamz World  6 days ago

    Thank you you to

  • Jesus is KING  5 months ago

    This is so peaceful, feels like your flying to God. Blessings to all who read this 🙏

  • Denny Jones  12 days ago

    I used to and still have dreams of flying its so close to this

  • Aljaž Polšak  17 days ago

    @TC NY i get your point and i respect your opinion but i belive in God and there is a good podcats about this subject on Ben Shapiro show its title is William Lane Craig, check it out if you have time its interesting

  • XxMae613xX  4 months ago

    I’ve had so much on my mind lately and been so stressed and just needed to cry. This music calmed me so much I just began crying and I have been crying for the longest time. I’m feeling sad right now but I know hat crying off all this stress I have will make me feel much better in the end

  • Briza Camacho  9 days ago

    @Vincent van byun baek I hope you did great!

  • Deedee S.  6 months ago

    I work with people who are cancer survivors, and I bring this wonderful music to them during the relaxation and meditation part. Thank you, from my heart, to yours!❤️❤️ DD

  • Suzan King  21 days ago

    your being realy nice thank you all for the care of people that have cancer

  • Jaheim Phillips  1 months ago

    Deedee S. My mom died of cancer wen I was 11 I’m 17 now 😢❤️

  • Psylatoon4  3 months ago

    90% of comments: Stop read comment go to sleepMe : keep scrolling .....

  • Livvy Vlogs  6 days ago


  • Sophie Lammond  11 days ago

    Matt Akins I read in your comment that you are suffering from cancer, how are you doing at the moment, are you doing well? Sending you Lots of Love 💖 Peace ☮️ & Happiness 🥰 xXx

  • Oogly Googly  4 months ago

    I love the comments. I feel I know you all. You all are my family. 😊❤️

  • Caiden Frasier  yesterday

    Oogly Googly thank you hun ❤️❤️❤️🌛🌙✨⭐️

  • Tammy Grant  2 days ago

    Oogly Googly love ya fam

  • Bruno Sammarco  6 months ago

    I just listen this and OMG.. i started think about the empty of the life, how sometimes existence can be so cruel and unfair. So much lives that are lost by the Evil of this world..but in the same time, this music bring me hope! I was crying a lot hearing, but is was not just sadness, was love too. Love that can transform an insignificant Life in a Existence with purpose. I finally stop crying, and felt like making a difference in the world. Im look foward to making my Life significant and Beautiful,...

  • Theresa K  1 months ago

    Bruno Sammarco Breathe peace and experience the love of all 👍👍🏾

  • Simple Animator4  1 months ago

    Thank you

  • Mimie Chan  3 months ago

    I didn't fell asleep, but this music made me cry.The music is so calming and the video it's like I'm flying above the cloud reaching to God and I started to talk to God in my heart, praying and asking for His mercy since I'm having a very hard time now .I should be sleeping but I'm crying here in my bed (in a good way, at least i feel relieved )

  • Ange Avocado  1 months ago

    Mimie Chan T-that’s What I a m doing 😭

  • Erin Basso  1 months ago

    i bless you to have a happy day.

  • zxizsnn  6 months ago

    Good night everyone

  • eagle shadow  25 days ago

    Good night ❤️😔

  • Karai Beasley  1 months ago

    zxizn goodnight