Sandwich of Justice - You Suck at Cooking (episode 25)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 25, 2015
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    This sandwich began with Ryan.

    Special thanks to Police Chief Paul.

    Wide Bread
    White Mayo
    Brown Hashbrowns
    Old Cheddar
    Round Egg
    A whisper of Ketchup
    Thin wisps of pickle
    Thicker wisps of tomato
    Fresh salt
    pepper pepper pepper
    Creamy avocado
    White mayo
    Wide bread


  • andimax1030
    andimax1030  7 hours ago

    Why are eggs not counted as being against vegetarian? They are baby animals? what ever they taste delicious

  • Arthur Steiner
    Arthur Steiner  18 hours ago

    I just drank way to much coffee and now I feel weird

  • GrizzlySword569

    But why the dog? 😭

  • Trisha Ray
    Trisha Ray  2 days ago

    OK but can someone please tell me how to watch the rest of the egg detective story? Did he put it in another cooking video?

  • Jeremy Woods
    Jeremy Woods  3 days ago

    My wife said fish is vegetarian. Just thought id share that

  • Xohtick
    Xohtick  3 days ago

    Dude the way he ends the dramatic egg scene by whisking the egg had me dead asf 😂🤣

  • zombiekillingskater

    Everything about this video was absolutely perfect. Only thing I’d say would be - you didn’t use all your eggs or hash browns. Maybe save one of the eggs and add it to the hash browns right as they finish cooking so you could make a sort of patty and get more of that crispy goodness on this God of a sandwich!

  • Gerrett Connor
    Gerrett Connor  5 days ago

    "I'm no longer vegetarian for ethical reason" - I love it

    DED_ BULL  5 days ago

    In memory of dennis ♡

  • Jacoby Lee
    Jacoby Lee  5 days ago

    That egg scene was dumb

  • ッCxmplexity
    ッCxmplexity  5 days ago

    But eggs are from chickens.

    Vegetarians lmao.

  • MirrorederorriM
    MirrorederorriM  5 days ago +1

    Just what the fuck. Seriously.. What the fuck. That was highly unexpected in the best way possible.

  • Samou angeline
    Samou angeline  6 days ago

    If u do not like pickles get ur head checked
    I agree

  • Nathan Jennings
    Nathan Jennings  7 days ago

    Not gonna lie, I'm not a fan of the egg drama, I usually skip that bit in your videos. But you make some hella good food for someone who sucks at cooking.

  • Zorde Official
    Zorde Official  7 days ago

    Is that a CUTCO knife?

  • Peter
    Peter  7 days ago

    Fk my ass

  • microch1p
    microch1p  7 days ago

    Probably not safe to drive around and eat that lol

  • Rogelio Tirado
    Rogelio Tirado  7 days ago

    You need to make an album!!!

  • xXprogamingXx Plays

    Oh my gosh the drama is just so lit i lost focus

  • Alicaido
    Alicaido  7 days ago

    it wasn't John and Douglas, but... was it John Douglas?