Sandwich of Justice - You Suck at Cooking (episode 25)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 25, 2015
  • Subscribe:►► Egg Video:►► Egg Video: sandwich began with Ryan. Special thanks to Police Chief Paul.Recipe:Wide BreadWhite MayoBrown HashbrownsOld CheddarRound EggA whisper of KetchupThin wisps of pickleThicker wisps of tomatoFresh saltpepper pepper pepperCreamy avocado White mayoWide bread


  • fortnitefurry420
    fortnitefurry420  a years ago +6325

    I got so invested in the egg drama I forgot what I was watching

  • AyJay
    AyJay  3 months ago +3706

    Can we just take a minute to appreciate how good that miniature set for the egg drama was?
    The lighting, the detail, everything.

  • Panic! Treasure
    Panic! Treasure  11 months ago +2899

    "I'm no longer vegetarian for ethical reasons"

  • Jerwell savella
    Jerwell savella  10 months ago +3626

    I literally made this and it's actually pretty good, I thought it was a joke, and I realized that my life is a joke

  • Silly Billy Gumdrops
    Silly Billy Gumdrops  8 months ago +743

    Jokes aside this guy is pure talent his recipes arent bullshit his editing skills are amazing he can sing and make music... On top of all that his sense of humor is genius no wonder all his videos have millions of views he deserves it! Been binging his vids they are all amazing.

    MØØNCHILD SAMMY  a years ago +1394

    I got hella into the egg thing😂😂

  • Lizzie Dizzie
    Lizzie Dizzie  7 months ago +936

    You shouldn't be able to make me emotional over eggs

  • gycy gvufti
    gycy gvufti  10 months ago +647

    My parents were fighting about politics so I showed them this video, and BAM, they got a divorce...........wait

  • MaibiItsAlice
    MaibiItsAlice  2 months ago +284

    “If you don’t like pickles.... get your head checked.”
    I enjoy pickles, thank you.

  • Sarah Launer
    Sarah Launer  9 months ago +386

    Why would I actually watch that egg animation as a series

  • cricket
    cricket  a years ago +404

    I got way too caught up with Denis
    He was right all along
    And no one believed him
    Just let me go cry

  • Backroads83
    Backroads83  11 months ago +342

    Ok, I'm just gonna honest and forthright for a moment...this channel is the best thing in my life right now.

  • AlexStealsMemes
    AlexStealsMemes  a years ago +322

    You had your thumb under the knife when you cut the sandwich

  • aditya thakur
    aditya thakur  2 months ago +78

    I can't believe how much work you put into making that deteggtive movie.

  • Xavier Garza
    Xavier Garza  a years ago +98

    who else thinks he should create a series of talking eggs, that would be so awesome.

  • Danielle Sene
    Danielle Sene  2 months ago +76

    I really need a full series of just that egg storyline 😂

  • andy nor
    andy nor  3 years ago +2451

    Dude, did you make that miniature room yourself? Thats a shitload of effort man, it looked almost too good to be comedy, bravo my man.

  • Can we get to 10,000 subscribers ?????

    When the video goes back to a cooking tutorial and you realize you've been invested in an egg drama for the past 3 minutes.

  • movezig5
    movezig5  a years ago +74

    Ooooh, I get it! It's because they're "hard-boiled."

  • The Empire of Valeria
    The Empire of Valeria  2 months ago +41

    “I’m no longer vegetarian for ethical reasons”
    My man