Trump doubles down on attacks on congresswomen

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 17, 2019
  • President Trump at a campaign rally on Wednesday doubled down on his racist remarks about four progressive congresswomen of color. After singling out Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, the crowd changed "send her back." CBS News' Weijia Jiang reports from the Greenville, North Carolina rally.


  • Abeng Reuben
    Abeng Reuben  2 months ago

    She want to turned america to Islamic state

  • jcattera
    jcattera  5 months ago

    Give it up already! Trump has my vote!!

  • xuan phuong ho
    xuan phuong ho  6 months ago

    Mr Trump was absolutely right.

  • Dian Planes
    Dian Planes  6 months ago

    I do not believe this situation is about color thats yalls opinion its about their concern about our country and its people they could care less about anything good for us they only think about theirselves.and no one else.Well l love our country and l care what people say about not only us as citizens but how they fell about our country.They enjoy degrating every thing we stand for.

  • Reo Ality
    Reo Ality  6 months ago

    Executive order put duct tape on their mouth and give them a first class seat back to their home countries. Let them report from their home countries and how great it is and how they left their country because they are too weak to fix it.

  • Tana
    Tana  6 months ago

    tRump should be first on the list to be ejected for denigrating the U.S. much more disgustingly - for years and YEARS!
    Eject him - just like his granddaddy frederick 'bone spurs' tRumph was ejected from Germany for evading their draft, after he begged them to let him stay when he went back 'home'. They told him NOPE and that he was a draft evading criminal, so he fled back to the U.S. (where he had made his money running brothels) as a
    tRump's granddaddy was an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT even when immigration was comparatively lax, because he was a criminal.
    Seems about right.
    tRump is a poor person's idea of a rich man, a stupid person's idea of a smart man and a weak person's idea of a strong man.

  • Authentic Opinion
    Authentic Opinion  6 months ago

    I still stand by what the President cannot build a successful country without National pride...these 4 empty brained, loud-mouth Congress women have nothing but hate and fake values to offer..if ever elected each is individually capable of fast-tracking an economical collapse ....Trump is any day my choice, he is way ahead of these liberal worthless characters!

  • Oliver Phippen
    Oliver Phippen  6 months ago

    ​@UC00LwtLe1FLoFyJofqidQmg Show me just One (1) person on this earth today or yesterday that is NOT / NOT racist ??? I'll wait ??? Exactly you cant ????

  • BIgBass255
    BIgBass255  6 months ago +1

    See, he said he would be more Presidential once he got in office. He's the best President I've seen in my lifetime, because he's not part of their closed system.

  • Kan Mar
    Kan Mar  6 months ago

    What is so racist about criticizing Ilhan Omar when she exhibits an INCORRIGIBLY RABID anti-semitic attitude, or to criticize her support for terrorist groups like al-kaedah, or her disloyalty to the nation by her DENIGRATING her country of adoption? The bottom line is that NOBODY forced her to come to the US, and nobody will stop her from leaving if she wants to, or does not appreciate the country.
    All that the President was saying was that if she evidences no loyalty to the nation, it would be better that she go back to her home country Somalia and help FIX UP that nation and THEN come back and share what she has achieved there.
    Leftists have this little TRICK of of labeling anyone a racist if their views do not agree with them. In relation to the other three, they were born in the US, so what they should do is to go back to their constituencies and fix them up since all they seem to do is engaging in negative criticism of the Presidency, and then come and show what they are capable of.
    The left has been successful in SILENCING any criticism of their actions or behaviour in the past through POLITICAL CORRECTNESS ( CULTURAL MARXISM ) and demonizing their opponents as racists, and are trying the same tactic on this President. Unfortunately for them, President Trump is no PUSHOVER who has not just the SPINAL/TESTICULAR FORTITUDE to stand up to these leftists, but to CALL THEM OUT
    and expose their shenanigans. Hence the screams of " racist " whenever their political darlings are taken to task.

  • Byron Lee
    Byron Lee  6 months ago

    Trumps yes for president voters is growing and growing! He will win 2020 very very easily! Thanks SQUAD for the win. Please keep trashing America Dummies!

  • Jeff Stewart
    Jeff Stewart  6 months ago

    President Trump never tweeted or said even a single word about "race or color" regarding his recent comments referring to Omar. Show me otherwise!! All this BS about racism is coming from the Democrats, media, and Omar...they are the only ones using racist words like "women of color", hatred, white America, etc, to stoke racism in people and try to divide Americans. They believe they can win power that way. Shame on the media and these Democrats. They are a disgrace to our nation. The Democratic party has no solutions, unless free everything and communism is what you want, in which case Trump is absolutely right. These leaders regardless of color should go to one of these loser countries and see how bad it is there before you implement those policies here and destroy our nation of freedom and limited government. Trump never mentioned color or race...just race baiting Democrats and Media like CNN. Disgusting and SAD!

  • BayouBushwacker
    BayouBushwacker  6 months ago +4

    I love they way I keep hearing from a lot of the news media (including in this one) "these are women of color", which leads me to ask "is this country about equality, or do we once again have protected classes who have more rights and privileges than other groups?

  • T S
    T S  6 months ago +1

    Trump is abusing his power and that is grounds for impeachment! He needs to be removed before violence erupts in our streets!!

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath  6 months ago

    I listened to the speech and his criticism of the squad does not fit the definition.

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath  6 months ago

    Learn to pronounce
    prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath  6 months ago

    If you are looking for racism you will find it anywhere.

  • super De manka
    super De manka  6 months ago

    Trump's nightmare impeachment by THE SQUAD 😊😊

  • Bob leroy
    Bob leroy  6 months ago

    I love the squad telling trump that these colors do not run.  Trump is much more than just a racist, he is leading a lynch mob and tell them to turn on other Americans.  Looks like Republicans are in on it too

  • 699sports
    699sports  6 months ago

    Hey reporter you can go back to