twenty one pilots - #TOPdebate (Recap)

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 6, 2015
  • here is a video to recap anything you may have missed from the recent #TOPdebate. #IVotedJosh #IVotedTylerget tickets to see twenty one pilots: available now on Fueled By Ramen:iTunes: Play: and edited by Reel Bear Media ( for more official content from twenty one pilots: Store: Site: #TOP #FueledByRamen


  • Margarida Guedes
    Margarida Guedes  3 years ago +1585

    dammit I want a friend

  • LoVeMusiC35
    LoVeMusiC35  3 years ago +1806

    this band is slowly taking away my soul with their great talent and ridiculously amazing personalities.

  • jesusoup
    jesusoup  3 years ago +1013

    josh and tyler making unreachable friendship goals

  • Christian Elías Silva
    Christian Elías Silva  3 years ago +990

    "Please give it up for friendship" That made me emotional.

  • slumbers
    slumbers  3 years ago +1316

    that frienship hug at the end makes me so happy

  • Kristina Palattao
    Kristina Palattao  3 years ago +2065

    "But did you know Josh pours his milk before his cereal?" *votes tyler*

  • Sophie Healy
    Sophie Healy  3 years ago +891

    It will forever annoy me that Josh didn't capitalise his J

  • no thanks im full
    no thanks im full  3 years ago +495

    "But do you know who's not verified on Twitter? HIS ENTIRE FAMILY!!" 😂😂it always gets me

  • Alyssa Gendron
    Alyssa Gendron  3 years ago +768

    Still can't believe this is an actual thing that actually happened xD

  • becky flint
    becky flint  3 years ago +2205

    okay but how amazing is it to have equal value to your fan base? I love that the clique is so perfectly divided

  • Ginger R
    Ginger R  3 years ago +674

    The hand they were practicing on was Patrick's dismembered hand

  • LeeAnn King
    LeeAnn King  3 years ago +91

    I felt so bad that I voted Josh so I created another account and voted for Tyler

  • Isabela Costa Dias
    Isabela Costa Dias  3 years ago +110

    "Does e knows the lyrics to his own songs?"
    I've never laughed so much

  • Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz  3 years ago +158

    this was like a big excuse to do this like
    josh: hey we should get our names tattoo'd on each other
    Tyler: we can't that's Gay
    josh: .... we should make a poll where--

  • Cassandra
    Cassandra  3 years ago +271

    Why don't I have friends

  • Elly Kaufmann
    Elly Kaufmann  3 years ago +340

    Yeah that seriously makes me so happy to know the clique loves both of them equally instead of more one than the other⚫🔴 What a wonderful family they have created |-/

  • Missy Rumble
    Missy Rumble  3 years ago +225

    Josh and Tyler would be a better President than any of the people who are running.

  • eberoonie
    eberoonie  3 years ago +319

    i didnt vote bc i couldnt pick lmao

  • claudia
    claudia  3 years ago +342

    #IVotedJosh on my fan account and #IVotedTyler on my personal account.

  • butter bby
    butter bby  3 years ago +196

    Josh pours milk before cereal oml why