Does Having Relationship Experience Matter? | ZULA First Dates Deal-breakers | EP 7

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 29, 2019
  • On the season finale of ZULA First Dates: Deal-breaker Edition, Renae and Yong head to the River Safari for a wet and wild ride. Will their date be a smooth sailing one? Or would their time together be a tumultuous one?

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    What ZULA First Dates: Deal-Breaker Edition is about:
    ZULA First Dates is a dating show where we set strangers up on a blind date. In this new season, we added a twist, where each episode will feature a common relationship deal-breaker. The guests do not have a script, and are encouraged to be candid.

    Special thanks to River Safari and Monti.

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  • ZULA
    ZULA  7 days ago +15

    Tell us what you want to see in season 3 of ZULA First Dates!

  • okay smc
    okay smc  3 days ago

    i rly hope next time they will do a better job in terms of matching the contestant for the date heh. & the guy is kinda cute. ranae personality is so real & i hope her mr right comes soon & treat her well 💕

  • Blazer433
    Blazer433  5 days ago

    Why are people expecting every date to be a good match...? Real life ain't like that

  • Jess Chen
    Jess Chen  5 days ago

    She deserves so much better ahh~~ Renae is soooo sweet 😖

  • yx
    yx  5 days ago

    isit just me or does the guy looks like zhin?

  • Rafe
    Rafe  6 days ago +3

    Why is everyone so salty lmao it’s a blind date and not everyone will be attracted to each other on their first date.

  • joshua lee
    joshua lee  6 days ago

    renae be like "bitch i dont even believe ur reasoning!" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tony Tng
    Tony Tng  6 days ago +3

    dude has way too serious outlook in life, perfect product of singapore's education system, main reason he is still ever green

  • Faelan L
    Faelan L  6 days ago +3

    What the... This guy a lot of bs sia. What even was that explanation at the end?? 🤣🤣

  • Flamethrower 13
    Flamethrower 13  6 days ago +2

    He wear more accessories den her. NO! *thumbs down

  • arialle florals
    arialle florals  6 days ago +2

    There’s a right man for you out there. This one bo chap la- 🙄 after watching and reading the comments here . You deserve better.

  • Flamethrower 13
    Flamethrower 13  6 days ago +2

    His loss

  • Singapore Association for Mental Health - SAMH

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  • Singapore Association for Mental Health - SAMH

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  • ddonkey
    ddonkey  7 days ago

    You should ask those clubbers whether one night stand need experience

  • Rosalind
    Rosalind  7 days ago +1

    Sorry, personally.. If you both are willing in a relationship, anything goes.
    If he's not willing and kept on giving excuses.. Then what's the point.
    Renae deserves someone who will appreciate her and not take her for granted.

  • Kei Ng
    Kei Ng  7 days ago

    Oh noooo Renee, you'll find your rainbow!

  • ihearyou
    ihearyou  7 days ago

    18:15 then why are u here..

  • ihearyou
    ihearyou  7 days ago


  • jake roger
    jake roger  7 days ago

    Each has his/her own perspective of what they hope to have in any relationship. Neither are bad nor good. When ppl don’t click, they just don’t. Doesn’t mean never though. What comes fast goes faster. Takes a lot of commitment these days to make it happen. To both and all. Happiness is a choice (you make). And not on basis of what and how others influenced you.

    If this is the journey u must take, then take it knowing that for where it leads you, the other person is taking the same to meet you.