Yes, We Have More 100% Very Real Trump-Cohen Tapes

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  • Published on:  Friday, July 27, 2018
  • After Michael Cohen's legal defense shared a copy of a recorded conversation between Cohen and Donald Trump, discussing hush money payments to Karen McDougal - one of Trump's former trysts, James Corden is excited to share even more previously unheard audio recordings, including one with Trump coming to the defense of Donkey in "Shrek."

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  • Winter Eleven
    Winter Eleven  5 months ago

    the eu idiot was probably drunk and didn't even remember going to america

  • fisher king
    fisher king  6 months ago +1

    A Judas' kiss

  • Goodwins all access Media service provider

    What else can we expect from a lying cheating crooked seemingly corrupt possibly illegal illegitimate actively propagandist president leading a criminal enterprise administration other than questionable characters like King, Alex jones and organised social media hacks like Q anon. We don’t need Mueller’s report to see the obvious clear truth. The day Trump openly asked Russia to find Clinton’s emails he publicly asked an adversary foreign enemy to interfere in our elections to support his campaign and help him become president. Trump is the smoking gun, seriously, his actions speak to his intentions and clearly expose his lying cheating crooked seemingly traitorous corrupt racist criminal propagandist character nature. Why else would a USA president openly publicly clearly attack our very own partners/allies and NATO or stoop low enough to give Russia cover for its invasion of Afghanistan or even hold secret meetings with deplorable known Russian agents and hard line dictatorial Presidents like Kim and Putin? We have a one policy, one issue possibly criminally illegal illegitimate president, one issue immigration, one policy fix immigration, one solution, the wall and with this manufactured issue he is able to frighten the bejesus out of people in America. Trump along side his cronies have the audacity to say “I’m not racist, but” to the rest of us, f all you all, every real true great American sees through your B S and would never support such crap. At best the wall is a trumpian criminal fraudulent scam to rip us off at worst it’s a distraction from the fact we have a Russian operative leading a criminal enterprise administration

  • Clark Gibson
    Clark Gibson  9 months ago

    Trump is funny unfunny. the power makes him feels like he's the smartest on the planet when in fact he's so funny wrong

  • willariza
    willariza  11 months ago

    Please... Release more audios!

  • Nat
    Nat  11 months ago

    European problems: the awkwardness when you give 3 kisses, and your foreign friend only expects 2.

  • Photography _scenery_15

    is it bad tht i think hes slightyly right about donkey like why does he not have a name

  • William H. Baird
    William H. Baird  a years ago

    Trump is such a joke!

  • Antonio Delgado
    Antonio Delgado  a years ago

    Dear James, subtítle in spanish please please please... 😥

  • lovemoviesful2
    lovemoviesful2  a years ago +2

    That sound exactly like Trump, I wouldn't be surprise if it's actually him.

  • Shawn Strode
    Shawn Strode  a years ago

    By any chance did they find Nixon's missing 18 minutes ?

  • X Y
    X Y  a years ago

    Mmmh that segment was just sweeet like sugar =)

  • 1111Pel
    1111Pel  a years ago

    Mike Pence's head exploding? don't tease.

  • Natalee Christensen

    Someone needs to make the "mwah, ciao, 'flip-off' " moment into a gif please

  • Barro the Broadcaster

    Now the Nothing Burger is on tape! #WalkAway

  • Linda Wright
    Linda Wright  a years ago +20

    Trump creates a problem so he can fix it. Then he brags on his ability to solve problems.

  • B C
    B C  a years ago

    I wish this idiot would get the hell out of the U.S.A. #gohomefatboy

    MURR DOG  a years ago +1

    Wo really cares what the britt has't to say

  • Jelin Louise
    Jelin Louise  a years ago

    #TheLateLateShow #James We're European. ya

  • James Meer
    James Meer  a years ago

    If you hate trump that much why did the majority of people in your country vote for him
    Think liberals think ❄️