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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 10, 2018
  • California car dealers are the most notorious out of all the states. Known for screwing over customers, we explore what this experience is truly like as a buyer. The all new Dodge SRT Demon is the fastest muscle car to roll off the assembly line. Advertised as obtainable below the $100,000 margin. This is certainly not the case when it comes to the middleman. Seeking more than a 50% profit margin on this new vehicle, Dodge dealers are not here to make repeat customers, they are here for the big sale.

    Coming from an automotive enthusiast, I explain the true manner of the market adjustments. From picking up a Shelby GT350R and GT500 Super Snake, I explain the dealership game, the logic, and what to avoid.
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  • Street Spankerz
    Street Spankerz  6 hours ago

    Our California dealerships add 30-50k on all high performance cars and 10-25k on any best version of a daily driven car. If you live in California buy your car from another state and drive it back because you will save 5-15k on any car and get to enjoy yourself testing your car and breaking it in the drive home and truly make sure it works properly especially if you have a warranty. Plus gas is cheaper anywhere but California lol.

  • Unknown -
    Unknown -  7 days ago

    I can better spend 150k upgrading my very first car, a 69 Firebird Big block that I purchased for $2300 when I was 15 years old and still have a huge chunk on change left over for my other hot rod toys.

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson  21 days ago

    That’s why they call them stealerships

  • Dank Mematodes
    Dank Mematodes  21 days ago

    Honestly, i would pay that much just for the supercharger whine

  • Guivensthecar guy
    Guivensthecar guy  1 months ago

    Stealership not dealership

  • Sharif Alhabarneh
    Sharif Alhabarneh  1 months ago

    Annoying voice

  • Loulovesspeed
    Loulovesspeed  1 months ago

    I'm sure you can get a great deal on one now, as this car has been dropped from production!

  • Hope Come
    Hope Come  1 months ago

    That’s stuff doesn’t work in New York City I would demons are based on real prices

  • Avg Vet
    Avg Vet  1 months ago

    Where can you buy a new hellcat for $40K?

  • Avg Vet
    Avg Vet  1 months ago

    Dealer markups are trash...

  • J A
    J A  1 months ago

    150k for a Dodge, isn't that a price of a foreign car.

  • stephanie Johnson
    stephanie Johnson  1 months ago

    Umm no the demon has 840 the Shelby has like 760 your glasses only make you look smart dude but good show

  • wally walton
    wally walton  1 months ago

    Of course they aren't they sticker for under 100K....certainly don't need to be a rocket scientist nor make a Y/T video to come to that conclusion. Its greedy fucking humans that kick prices up on hard to get things. Here it is the end of 2019 I still find brand new 2018 Demons for sale online all over the country FOR STICKER that aren't selling... If no one will pay sticker for them why on God's earth do the greed buzzards think they are going to get their 150-200 grand asking price for their Demons? It ceases to amaze me just how stupid some people are...even rich ones. And now with the Hellcat Redeye package available for tens of thousands less than Demon sticker it sorta makes a Demon old tech that nobody will really want...

  • Troy Adamson
    Troy Adamson  1 months ago

    I went to Ford dealer my family has always gone to and sitting out front was a brand new Bullitt Mustang. Sometimes its just nice to have something that is reconizeable. Something with a story and history behind it.

  • Tramram The First
    Tramram The First  1 months ago

    Media: Dodge Demon not worth it’s price, but Lamborghini is. Hmph. Interesting. More horse and style yet less value. I really don’t get it.

  • Theps4 Gamerz
    Theps4 Gamerz  1 months ago

    Im sorry but no no ford is going to sound better than a dodge , might sound louder but definitely not better , now for the 150k price tag this is outrages hell no

  • TheRealJ-Cunt
    TheRealJ-Cunt  2 months ago

    You’re right a dodge demon isnt worth 150k... Its worth 90k u dimwit

  • Marcus Gropl
    Marcus Gropl  2 months ago +1

    Your trash you idiot no one likes the video 👎

  • early culyer
    early culyer  2 months ago

    Just order on and spec it out yourself..

  • early culyer
    early culyer  2 months ago

    Was it a blem looked all scuffed the more scuffed the cheaper the tire is even though you are going to scuff the hell out of it.