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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 10, 2018
  • California car dealers are the most notorious out of all the states. Known for screwing over customers, we explore what this experience is truly like as a buyer. The all new Dodge SRT Demon is the fastest muscle car to roll off the assembly line. Advertised as obtainable below the $100,000 margin. This is certainly not the case when it comes to the middleman. Seeking more than a 50% profit margin on this new vehicle, Dodge dealers are not here to make repeat customers, they are here for the big sale.Coming from an automotive enthusiast, I explain the true manner of the market adjustments. From picking up a Shelby GT350R and GT500 Super Snake, I explain the dealership game, the logic, and what to avoid.-My online store is now up! https://phenomautos.comCheck out my Amazon Shop! me on instagram! @Speed_phenom -SPEED PHENOMLIKESUBSCRIBE


  • Ervin Roberts
    Ervin Roberts  2 months ago +106

    Nothing worth $150000 that doesn't have a bedroom,kitchen and living room.

  • Evan Klerner
    Evan Klerner  6 months ago +97

    i paid around 130k for my house and im pretty happy :)

  • Hq Batman
    Hq Batman  3 months ago +94

    Imagine paying 140 for a demon, just to be gapped by a 45k hellcat with 10k in mods.

  • Da Truth
    Da Truth  8 months ago +57

    For that kinda cash you can purchase a garage and personally build whatever monster you would like to drive. And trust me, ITS AHELLOFALOT MORE FUN !!😎🏁

  • HoleeShietPyro
    HoleeShietPyro  a years ago +260

    One day dealerships wont exist, we'll be buying right off the assembly line and financed with the big car makers themselves. Time to cut out the middle man! Tired of the snake oil salesmen, leeches and profitmakers off of doing minimal to no work!

  • Brandon Chargualaf
    Brandon Chargualaf  3 months ago +30

    Did he seriously just say "who makes that" to a Gt500??

  • Chris Boyer
    Chris Boyer  6 months ago +62

    You could by a used Hellcat and juice it to 1000 hp for under 70K.

  • Freddy Rasheed
    Freddy Rasheed  5 months ago +21

    I live in Charleston South Carolina, can get a FULLY LOADED DEAMON, 90 grand, ALL DAY, Poor California

  • bLu
    bLu  2 days ago

    150k for a vehicle that not even world-class Lol

  • Mike Vieira
    Mike Vieira  a years ago +209

    The problem is people still freaking pay these mark ups.

  • edeline myrthil
    edeline myrthil  a years ago +17

    I will never ever spend $150k on a dodge demand.

  • Richard S.
    Richard S.  7 months ago +16

    The Demon looks mean AF, but 150k + for a Dodge? PASS!

  • Matt M
    Matt M  2 months ago +10

    "It's all a game...what I suggest is just DODGE it"
    Pun intended?

  • Seth  Michael
    Seth Michael  4 months ago +45

    150k for a dodge 😂😂😂😂😂

  • RobWilli
    RobWilli  3 months ago +3

    I would still comprehend if they keep MSRP and not give you any rebate nor discount whatsoever. But 140k+ hahahahhaha...they're crazy...good luck to them.
    I love the demon and if I had the 90k that's what I would give, no more. I would come to any dealer and tell them, "do you want the 90k or not?" If not, I'm out the door.

  • MR.Sinister 1
    MR.Sinister 1  1 months ago +4

    Wow $50k over mark up!! Wat a rip off!! Everything is over priced n people still think they get a good deal wen the dealer says we knocked off 2k jus for u!! Shady business!!

  • A guy called Lamont
    A guy called Lamont  a years ago +2

    There’s a demon near me listed for 190k but they’ll finance it at 160k 😂😂😂

  • Marcus Coker
    Marcus Coker  2 months ago +3

    LMFAO did that man say "who makes that" to a GT500 lolz that's funny

  • American GT
    American GT  a years ago +318

    7:16 - Speed Phenom: "I'm actually waiting for the GT500 to come out....
    Salesman: "Who makes that?" 😓
    Me: Face Palm

  • Brannin Bova
    Brannin Bova  4 months ago +3

    I seen them on the dodge website a while back with a MSRP of just under $85,000