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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018


  • Street Speed 717  11 months ago

    Good morning and welcome to the Steve.

  • William S.  11 months ago

    In the console.

  • Taylor Harrelson  11 months ago

    Who has custody of meth baby you or andy?

  • Steve is legit 1 guy who DESERVES 100k.... the man send C5 corvettes sideways... swaps engines in the gravel and does burnouts on Andy's bike! Go Steve!

  • Silver Ado  11 months ago

    I think Steve might be my dad

  • DJay  11 months ago

    EveryThingAutomotive ETA he is at 700k i dont understand...

  • hg00098  11 months ago

    Mount the bottle on the roof

  • WORMYASH Games  11 months ago

    Ski box zip ties and duck tape

  • Super Charged4life  11 months ago

    he needs the roof rack option for that

  • Michael Sullivan  11 months ago

    Strap the nitrous bottle to the dog and have him run after the car on drag race passes

  • Bushman Canuck  11 months ago

    Michael Sullivan doggy house nitro trailer

  • Kyler Beauchesne  11 months ago

    Michael Sullivan I laughed too fuckin hard at this

  • Jerrod P  11 months ago

    Can you at least start the ZR1 once a vlog? Something is off with my life and I believe that sound is a possible cure. Thanks in advance. 😎

  • √e√  11 months ago

    CAM CAM yea the last time he showed he was at what u said that's why I said between 30 and 55, but he showed it 2 times before that as well and if I recall one time was I. The 50s and one was in the high 40s. Still, I mean what I would do to make 12k a month right. And no hes not going to sell it their is no way. Also that car is paid in full, so he would have to be really really hurting, like defaulting on his mortgage hurting for him to have to sell it. Atleast sell it bc he needs the cash and not bc...

  • Backyard Chevy  11 months ago

    Lol whens the last time u started that zr1? hopefully doesnt end up with a dead battery like salomondrins cars do occassionally.

  • C Smith  11 months ago

    Bryce Lilly wtf does that mean? "Weak" If anyone is "weak", it's a dude named Lilly.

  • Lawrence Fearon  11 months ago

    Salomondrin let that ACR battery go dead too. Soft ass can't rock a hardcore Viper.

  • MakMotors  11 months ago

    Last time I was this early mike owned yellow cars

  • Michael Cole  11 months ago

    Then y'all don't watch the channel like you should lol

  • ZeeCoupe  11 months ago

    Last time I was this early, he had a hellcat💔

  • A A RON  11 months ago

    Tell Steve to shave that thing on his face lol

  • Racer X  11 months ago

    The look of disapproval on Steve's face when you said you wanted to keep the carpet was hilarious!!! 😂

  • Racer X  11 months ago

    Great name

  • Terminator161096  11 months ago

    maybe cus the noise. idk but he said he didnt like it when he removed carpet from the givaway c5

  • Mattarack  11 months ago

    Why is there Ford advertisements on Mike’s video 😶

  • JUSTIN BRAVO  11 months ago

    Who tf said I was watching it’s known all around YouTube as a channel just for the same things he always does

  • Mike G  11 months ago

    you get ads? I have never seen one