Caramel Apples - You Suck at Cooking (episode 50)

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 25, 2016
  • Subscribe out of boredom: more out of apathy: nonsense found here: Snapchat: @yousuckatcookin some apples that have a sour taste. Pick some caramels (aka squaramels) that have a sweet taste. Put sticks into the apples. Put caramels into a bowl with a couple teaspoons of milk or cream or water (I put in around 43 caramels). Put apples in the fridge overnight or the freezer for a little while beforehand. Put bowl into microwave and melt them (2 minutes on half power...stir every now and then). Roll the apples and put them back in the fridge or freezer so the caramel doesn't drop down. For a few minutes. Melt chocolate in the microwave and splatter that all over the damn place (and partly on the apple). Enjoy and share with friends, or hoard by yourself in your blanket fort. Brag on social media.Halloween. Yeah.


  • Bimbo Laggins
    Bimbo Laggins  a years ago +1735

    I love how all of his videos are actually informative yet ultra-sarcastic

  • Jason Krantz
    Jason Krantz  a years ago +566

    i would not mess with cucumbolantern...

  • Teri Scallon
    Teri Scallon  a years ago +1022

    glad to see you cleaned up that mess young man!

  • Brenda Rodriguez
    Brenda Rodriguez  2 months ago +359

    partly because the apple seeds contain cyanide

  • The Dank Meme Lord
    The Dank Meme Lord  a years ago +1720

    "Halloween is the one day of the year children are encouraged to take candy from strangers while trespassing with a mask on."

  • Moni macer
    Moni macer  a years ago +721

    $1 for an Apple?

  • Patrick Yackley
    Patrick Yackley  a years ago +207

    i actually wanna try the apple filled with caramel

  • jennn_ 2468
    jennn_ 2468  a years ago +196

    That carrot stick tho.🤣😂

  • David Grau Banks
    David Grau Banks  2 months ago +79

    "Remove the stems from the apples and" kEeP tHEm iN a SpEcIaL pLAcE FOrEvEr

  • Emily Crawford
    Emily Crawford  a years ago +1981

    "Stronger than cement but tastier than a brick"

  • Sugar Pebbles
    Sugar Pebbles  a years ago +389

    Did no one else notice him saying "Let's take the JACK OFF the counter"

  • Rob Heathers
    Rob Heathers  a years ago +126

    This is my new favorite channel. My boyfriend hates this channel, but that's even more incentive for me to like it.

  • Heather Norton
    Heather Norton  a years ago +181

    4:48 ELEGANT

  • Rins vanderEem
    Rins vanderEem  10 months ago +67

    i am from the netherlands and i am offended

  • Dubstep potato
    Dubstep potato  2 years ago +3862

    I can imagine this guy going out with someone, and when they ask him what he does for living, he'll just say: "I... have my own cooking show."

  • ItsFeliciaTime
    ItsFeliciaTime  10 months ago +28

    when he made a candy apple sandwich i was like lmao a stroop wafel. then he said ''basically l a stroopwafel'' I SCREAMED HAHAHH

  • Marie 🍄
    Marie 🍄  a years ago +37

    You sound like a Bobs Burgers character, n I'm digging it.

  • Toxic Phoenix
    Toxic Phoenix  a years ago +52

    Did you guys see the carrot before he bit into it.....I had to replay a couple times cause I wasn’t sure what I saw >_>

  • Ametrion Johnson
    Ametrion Johnson  2 days ago +1

    To the people who give you raisins there's a special place in hell for you

  • Brad
    Brad  7 months ago +12

    I wish I got little boxes of raisins when I went trick or treating :|