Onething 2018 || The Reset Is Here

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 4, 2018
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    The Church does not need more stimulation; we need less distraction. In the coming storm, we need the focus that produces fearlessness.

    This year, we are resetting. In the midst of our schedule, we are intentionally asking God for divine interruptions, and we are not publishing speakers or worship teams.

    We are deliberately re-centering around the consuming reality of Jesus—His agenda for planet Earth and His ownership of those four days in December. We invite you to join us: return to One thing!


  • Karenz VM
    Karenz VM  a years ago +1

    #foreveronething Doy gracias a Dios por la humildad de los lideres de este ministerio. Honro su sinceridad y la humildad con la que ministraron y se expusieron. Dios los ama. Dios nos ama como un solo cuerpo. Y en medio de tanta desesperanza y duda su iglesia se unirá como una sola. Amén y amén!!!!!!

  • WishwaRajindu Liyanagama

    I Like IT.

  • Becka Dibble
    Becka Dibble  a years ago

    Gotta love all the fear mongering in this video. 😪🙄🙄

  • Nathan Saving
    Nathan Saving  a years ago

    In the description for this video you say, "In the coming storm, we need the focus that produces fearlessness." The TRUTH is, the storm is here right NOW. The storm, ironically, is a division in the True Church Body of Christ in which some members of the Body believe there will be a horrible storm of tragic events/tribulation, etc. before the return of Christ. This is not true. I firmly believe that we all have been hit with a Tsunami of Christ's Love, in this very moment! If we ALL, as individual members of the One True Body of Jesus Christ, surrender our entire being to this Tsunami of Christ's Love, then we will immediately know that THIS is our focus. And as THIS becomes our focus, there IS no fear because fear has been driven completely out of us because we all know that Perfect Love casts out all fear. There really is no such word as "fearLESSness" because as we live surrendered to Christ's Perfect Love, fear actually doesnt even exist! Much Love to all reading this, in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • Михаил Маринченко

    Hi from Russia! thanks for the praise!!!

  • Beatrice PROPERTY of GOD!

    Glory! Glory! Glory! To father GOD ❤!! Amen

  • Piano tutorial
    Piano tutorial  a years ago

    ☝🏻 One thing ... #AwesomeGod