Why blackface is still part of Dutch holidays

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  • Published on:  Thursday, December 1, 2016
  • The debate over Zwarte Piet (Black Pete), explained.

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  • Misterkfc khezami
    Misterkfc khezami  9 hours ago

    CLearly no dutch person helped in making this,

  • Earl Lewis
    Earl Lewis  18 hours ago +1

    We have 0 friends in this WORLD just us.

  • Olivier
    Olivier  yesterday

    We are proud of our colonial past. We created the modern world and ended slavery.

  • Mar Teumar
    Mar Teumar  2 days ago +2

    Are they defending this?

    Lol why am I still get surprised by white people audacity? Lol

  • laur3nhhh
    laur3nhhh  3 days ago

    I literally just watched the episode of the office about this

  • Xastur Speaks
    Xastur Speaks  3 days ago

    Imagine if you go to Mexico and try and change Mexican culture and say those same thing 'its very difficult'. Imagine going to Angola or Nigeria and doing that. Those societies are just as 'racist', but really is any of this truly racism. There are both positive and negative aspects of racism, and it turns out you can find no shortage of it in all these different races. That black guy who is African, and now living in the Dutch society is saying they need to change to suit him.

    Imagine if a Dutch person goes to some black African nation and says they are so racist there, institutional and supported by everyone, and they need to change. I wonder how successful he or she might be. The true measure of 'ending racism' is the realistic possibility to do this in a place like Sub-Saharan African among the Bantu. Do that and we'll be impressed.

  • Manny Khan
    Manny Khan  3 days ago +1

    C'mon faazhaa, let the shooshting begin...

  • Ryan Mulloy
    Ryan Mulloy  4 days ago +2

    This guy is wrong, Zwarte Piet was first introduced in the 16th century, not the 1800s. I’m not saying racism is an ok thing by any means, but things weren’t racist until we called them racist, racism is wrong and not ok, but we need to take a step back and ask what’s really racist. Is it traditions or is it people who are just complaining, some things are better to be changed, like segregation and slavery. But no one is being physically hurt or having their rights taken away by this tradition. I’m not supporting or disapproving what it is either, but we need to take a step back and ask ourselves “Is this truely hurting me?” And more the most part, it’s not.

  • Mrunfunnyjoke
    Mrunfunnyjoke  4 days ago +1

    Roses Are Red,
    Violets Are Violet,
    The Makers of Vox
    Should sometimes stay quiet.

  • Muhammad Muneeb
    Muhammad Muneeb  4 days ago

    Justin Trudeau has subscribed your channel.

  • Mrunfunnyjoke
    Mrunfunnyjoke  4 days ago +1

    because im dutch, i understand what they’re sayin and its extra sad

  • Empress Fran
    Empress Fran  5 days ago

    Saint Nicholas was black.

  • Douwe Dabbert
    Douwe Dabbert  5 days ago +4

    Ethnic hatred was kicked off by whites, other ethnicities are just responding.

  • Richard Haywood
    Richard Haywood  5 days ago +3

    Chimney Pete sounds like a GREAT idea

  • Anthony Enright
    Anthony Enright  6 days ago

    So Saint Nick has a black worker who whips bad white kids where does this become racist.

  • T J
    T J  7 days ago +3

    Oh god, please do not take Mr Popo away from the DBZ universe :(

  • Junior Sarpong
    Junior Sarpong  7 days ago

    People in the Netherlands argued he can’t be changed because it’s tradition? So tradition even if it’s wrong makes it ok because it’s tradition?! Murdering is tradition for serial killers!

  • escalade561
    escalade561  7 days ago

    How long are you going to do something wrong before you do it right

  • Edwin Duran
    Edwin Duran  7 days ago +2

    Covered in soot... but with big red lips

  • Zandra Bey
    Zandra Bey  7 days ago +1

    Great Video: White- by Legal Dictionary defintion(Part 1)((This video is for so-call Black People!!))