Official Sea of Thieves: Cursed Sails Teaser Trailer

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 17, 2018
  • Ready your cannons for Sea of Thieves' second free content update. Cursed Sails sees the dead setting sail for war against the living, so sharpen your steel, stock up on bananas and prepare to meet terrifying skeleton ships in battle! Find out more:

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  • Tastytaco 77
    Tastytaco 77  13 hours ago

    I’ve played the game for so long and I’m pirate legend and before updates like these the game was soooo boring being pirate legend but it’s fun again now

    Edit: I’m typing this at the time when their are pets in sea of thieves

  • Ignacio Fernandez

    Che se les hundio el barco cuidado chicos!

  • Ignacio Fernandez

    Are you a boquense?

  • Samuel Koopman
    Samuel Koopman  1 months ago

    Is this ship real in the game

  • Thanos The Fearless Grape

    It’s the Flying Dutchman!

  • quoral
    quoral  3 months ago

    no the skeletons when they rise out of the water the boat is already rotten so it's easy to murder those helpless skeletons

  • topaxx101
    topaxx101  4 months ago

    This event sucked so hard. I alomst got all the battles. It was the last day of the event, I work you know, I don't have all day time for this. So I went on the last battle which was missing, we started and right in the middle of the battle, it just ended - not able to complete the battle.
    Thank you Rare for wasting my time with this crap.
    In fact I was not able to purchase the cosmetics because of this.

  • WojtekSoldierBear
    WojtekSoldierBear  4 months ago +2

    This was 9 months ago... sea of thieves is a completely fleshed out game at this point. Those skeleton ships can give you a hard time !

  • The crazy Ants
    The crazy Ants  5 months ago +2

    When the skeletons see 6 ships the thumbnail of this video

  • Taaamas
    Taaamas  5 months ago +1

    Well, we're boned

  • Maks Kuskovski
    Maks Kuskovski  5 months ago +1

    I like to rewatch this sometimes

    JOCKS MOON  5 months ago +1


  • SuperbPlace20
    SuperbPlace20  6 months ago

  • Paul Kamphaus
    Paul Kamphaus  6 months ago

    oh no wanda, what have you done?

  • The Gaming Pro 89627

    And then we saved the seas

  • Mary S
    Mary S  7 months ago +2

    Welp, getting ready to fight a man with a squid for a face

    If you know that reference like and good for you

  • Findus
    Findus  9 months ago

    Why do I find it so adorable when the crippled skeleton captain tries to grab the falling skeleton :, ^)

  • Captain Animate
    Captain Animate  10 months ago


  • Padpaw22
    Padpaw22  10 months ago

    I expected such a lackluster trailer from such a poor game.

  • Emil Appelgren
    Emil Appelgren  11 months ago

    I love this tralier